Depression Is Real,Yet It Is A Learning Experience

Depression has taught me that

life can sadden you and even madness at times is sadness masked.

At times we are sad and get mad to not get hurt.

It is human nature to hide our feelings

because feelings are fragile and bound to get hurt.


Depression has taught me that

if you neglect what you love too much too often

you will grieve it’s presence because you experience it’s absense.

What we experience does affect what we feel

whether we like or whether we hate to admit that or not.


From Birth To Infinity(How To Live Eternally)

I know that the message of immortality seems hard to believe,yet the message of John 11:23-27 is conscious altering.

It is probably one of the best Bible Verses period

and once you read it you will see my point as to why

it is so powerful and why so many people

consider as a message for those passed on,

yet this Bible message was about both the dead and the living.

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

and he came for many reasons and two of them are great:

that we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly

and also to set us free from death and sin both.


Here is John 11:23-27

Jesus said to her,your brother will rise again.

Martha said to him,

I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

Jesus said to her:I am the resurrection and the life:

he that believes in me,though he were dead,yet shall he live:

And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.Believe you this?

She said to him,Yes Lord.I believe that you are the Christ,the Son of God,

who should come into this world.


Do you see that by believing in Jesus your death is eliminated?

Do you see that by believing in Jesus your live can go on and on?


It is so awesome that by believing in Jesus

not only are we saved from sin,yet death is not our future ever.


Knowing God and Being Blessed By God

Here some Bible Verses all about that:


NIV Bible Version

Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart:for they shall see God.


So let’s sum  these two Bible verses in one simple message

and that is this:

“By having a pure heart we will be able to see God

and by seeking God with all our heart we will seek him and find him too.”


That is not that hard to do and in fact those two Bible verses

are two of my all time favorite Bible verses of all time.



Here is some more Bible verses about our time with God:


Jeremiah 33:3

Call to me,and I will answer you,and show you great and mighty things,

which you know not.


Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself also in The Lord:and he shall give you the desires of your heart.


These two Bible verses tell us one good thing

when put together in one message and that message is this:

“By calling on The Lord not only will He answer us,

yet show us great and mighty things that we know not

and by delighting in the The Lord he will give us the desires of our heart.


The test is this how do we seek Him,

Keep a pure heart right with Him,

Call on Him and wait patiently enough for things we know not

and Delight in The Lord and do it

without fail every day during every week?




The Temptations and The Tribulations of This Life

For starters when things get worse satan will do his best to ruin us

whether it be through us or to us if we let him.

Faith is seeing past every disaster to our Maker who can turn every thing around,

yet we must get our logic gnosis out of the way.

God can fix and restore anything that is broken,hurt,torn and lost.

Lets examine what the body is made of:

The Body is A Form of Energy just like everything else in the Universe.

The Body is Energy that is atoms that make cells

and cells that make organs and more

and organs and more that make us us.

Anything that is wrong with you at all God can make right.

He has no limits or obstacles to doing it.

He does expect us to have faith in Him

and without faith we cannot please Him.

Faith is necessary please God for one specific reason to me

and that is look beyond our current reality to Him

who made it all and can change it all as easily as He made it all.

The senses can only show us what is now here,yet what is in the world now

is not all that God can make so.

Our senses are limited to the current reality,

yet by God and by our actions more can be and will be too.

Our minds can imagine stuff,yet we need faith to change the reality we have.

Reality is to me a code so let’s break it up:

Re-:repeat again




-it:fact or situation


-y:the fullness and the quality of


To repeat again the fullness and the quality of everything fact or situation.


Living by the word reality is not living by faith really.

Reality means to repeat what all is the case,

yet that is not the way we should live.


To me reality is a constraint of the creation by God

and it is a part of God’s will for us to be full of joy and well.


It is also a part of God’s will

that the seen be temporal lest we put it in the Kingdom of God.


In life everything is occurrence of energy

no matter the fashion or the thing.

Thank goodness that energy is in God

and that God needs nothing to fix anything.




Looking beyond the seen to expect what the Bible offers us all

Faith is the evidence of things not seen and those things are eternal
and Faith comes by hearing also to me thus is not just about
physical hearing with your ears,yet spiritual hearing with your heart.
In the Faith Realm all things are possible.
We just have to look beyond the physical to reach it.
The physical realm that our senses experience are not all that is there for us.
We have the spiritual realm
that our spirit can reach and experience as long as we want to.
Our body is weak because of the senses and thank God for our senses.
Our senses are not terrible because they do benefit us in every day life,
yet when we are hurting or suffering in any way
our senses are not the perfect guides because they lead us to doubt.
Faith is not where doubt is nor where fear is because they are far from God
not that we’re far from God,yet that whenever we rely on our senses
our focus goes off our Creator to our disaster no matter what it is.
The sad part is that God can change and can fix our lives,
yet must take our minds off our our senses gnosis and put it on our faith gnosis and many times our focus is not on The Lord,yet on the world and we still have problems.
That is right there is such a thing as faith gnosis
and faith gnosis is gnosis a.k.a. knowledge that we get by faith.
The most important faith that we can get is by listening to God
then we must do what He tells because what He tells us is better than what others do.
God will never let you down and His knowledge supersedes all forms of it ever.
God is able to change and to fix anything and everything for us through faith gnosis.

This is how I view ADHD after reading about it

Horse Shit.

Some children are bored with school,

duh,it is created to dumb us down.

When I was a child I got bored,was distracted

and I did not try because goodness they were boring.

In all honesty as a child music,racing,sports and wrestling

were my true passions and in some way

they still are my passions today.

This world hates the real us

and conforming is what the fucking elite want.

If people everywhere knew they could work self-employed,

they’d quit their boss controlled job tomorrow.

ADHD is a label applied to children who are bored with

and get distracted,we all do.

Enthusiasm is what happens

when bam everything clicks and it all makes sense.

In College one professor argued with me over what I enjoy

and another professor called me controversial

because she could not control me at all.

She asked me who was my biggest influence

which I can not just narrow down to one person

so I wrote her a list of people and she got fuming mad

and I got very amused and I didn’t give a damn.

I hate the movie 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea,

it is weird.

I am me and I refuse to like what messes with my thinking

unless it helps me in all areas of my life.

Thank You

I dedicate this post to everyone who

commented on,likes,follows and shares

anything on my blog

and y’all make me happier.


At one point in time

I wondered if anybody would notice my blog,

yet thankfully people do notice my blog

and they like what I post which is awesome.


Y’all Rock,

James Shelton

who is the Creator,Editor and Moderator of this blog

Punching the devil out

I so want to swing my fist at satan’s face

Till he regrets coming to my place

Maybe I can punch satan out cold

Like a boxer does before they move on;


I really want to kick satan’s ass

I really want to whack at baseball bat at his head

And make him regret

For the pain he has cause me to have

Is he glad;


Oh he better run because he is gonna pay

For my problems that he caused me to have

And he deserves me to beat him up real good

Till he regrets making me hurt so bad like he does;


Oh Oh it will be such a glorious day

When I can make satan hurt so good anyway

I will not feel sorry for the enemy when he’s done

And may he regret the souls he took with him;


I wish I could run him over with my car again and again

He will regret this and he will not win

I will reign supreme against this punk

And he will be done when I am done with him soon and he will not resume;


Preaching is for Other People,yet not for Me ever

I keep getting the thought crossing my mind to preach,yet I will not preach.

I will resist the thought even if pigs fly.

I am a musician,poet,singer/songwriter and stuff,not a minister.

There are many ministries in my area that they do not need a minister.

Besides it is not my thing really,never was and never will be ever.

People who want me to preach are crazy lunatics.

My passion is art and music not evangelism and ministry.

I hate to be like this,yet whatever in this universe wants me to do either

must not want me to be happy or is fighting me on what I do enjoy.

Everything in this universe can understand me and let me be.

As of this moment I am moving on because God is important,yet ministry isn’t.

God Is With Me

Here is something that I am creating on here just to spend my time.

I hope that y’all like it too.


God is with me

So satan can stop it.


God is with me,

I can win against satan no matter how he props things.


I can achieve my dreams

no matter what the day may bring.


I go for the next day

even if this day did not go so great anyway.