Disillusioned To Webcams

I have heard and I have seen a lot.

Women are just not true on them.

If you try to chat on most of them there is zero communication back.

It is like a pay her and watch her,yet she ignores you nonstop.

There is no goodness in webcams.

It is like these so called models hate their viewers or something.

Most,if not all of them refuse to date anybody.

I am not after women on any,yet from my experience they’re harsh.

I have learned my lesson well and that is this real women are responsive.

I am not saying they are not real because they do not exist,they do,

yet communication is none back so there really chatting going on.

I refuse to call their cams a chat cam because they’re ignorant of you.


No Gender Is Better Than The Other Gender

Men need women to have a child or children.

Women need men to have a child or children.

A relationship that is not based on concern and interest

is over before it starts.

I do not care because this is the facts.

Both men and women can do sports and shoot guns.

However some are too humble and some are too proud.

I am pretty neutral and I do research a lot of stuff.

There is a place and a time for every thing,

yet we should try to not hold grudges

because it is based on

our immune system and our nervous system.

If you have anything against anybody

then just forgive them and let their wrong go.

Words Lead To More Words

I’ll y’all with an example

so that y’all take the word as far back as it seems to go

then see if you can find a word and do the same thing

and this is a lot of fun too plus it is educational also

and I actually discovered this all on my own free will:





I am like this

unless you really know what a word really means

you only know a word for face value

and nothing more really unless someone educates you on a word’s meaning.


Words have roots just like us and plants have roots too

and we must backtrack to find them.


Knowledge is power and power is freedom,

yet freedom means nothing if ever abused.

I realize something new

Sometimes boredom is a sign to ourself that you are going in the wrong direction.


I realize this today after doing stuff that I hate doing today.


To me boredom is like a argument,you never realize the underlying issue

till it manifests as a issue.


The  issue could be a health problem or a problem with yourself.


Everyday there is a lesson to be learned without even leaving home.


If you meditate and pray eventually you will see the light of things.


There is no point in dragging discussions on and on when you can get to the point

and settle things right then and there.