Living with Schizophrenia

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia back in 2016.I try to live a normal life but struggle.I do see spirits and they are real spirits.I am gonna admit that they try to hurt me completely sometimes.I try to get rid of them but I hear popping noises in my joints which I know that they cause me to feel for some reason which is beyond me.

The Spirit of God is good to me though.He is there to guide me and direct me to all truths.He is aware of what is going on.Being a Christian is tough.It is no walk in the park.You got to deal with the spirits and test them to see if they are of God or not.

I will keep on trying to regain control of my life.I will do this because I deserve to have a good life.The spirits do want me to hurt myself or be hurt by others.That is the truth.I am trying to expose them because they are evil,yet the Spirit of God is all good and all knowing too.

If you are struggling with schizophrenia too;then trust me on this that you are not alone in your journey.I too struggle with it day after day.

I will not give up nor conform with this world.I will not give up on my self or my dreams.I will continue writing songs regardless of my diagnosis.I deserve it.


James Shelton