Not every feeling is what it seems,some have a spirit connected to it

So it very paramount that you check your feelings,

question the source of all your feelings,

study whatever knowledge that you get from past the senses

then delve into that knowledge,learn from it and improve.

The enemy of our souls uses hidden stuff

to affect our souls to bring us to ruin

so it is needed to check the sources then face the feelings upfront.


The Mind Needs Guarded

The Mind needs guarded because it affects the heart and vice versa

and to leave it unguarded is like leaving a home unlocked and the door wide open

which is just begging for trouble

and in all honesty the devil wants to make of our lives,trouble.

In all honesty any vile spirit wants to make of our lives as well.

People to can have ill effects on our mind.

It is good to be on guard protecting every second

for one slip up could mean lunacy of the mind rather than sanity of the mind.

The Mind is a very fragile thing that may seem stabile to us at first,

yet when the wrong thing enters it at times the Mind can become burdensome and disturb us

making is susceptible to self destruction which the devil wants.

The devil does not just seek to do harm to us,yet also through us by us in us so keep him out of the Mind

by all means possible then anything and everything that you want to be can be

or else ill will may pervade it and negativity may be all that you say for he messes with your ways.

Feelings Exist In Us Yet They Do Not Always Start With Us

A feeling is a event in the heart that affects us literally. To trust it every time is to then be ignorant and stupid that it is not the total truth. To let your mind be lead solely by the heart ain’t always wise when hearing others. To know your true feelings,get alone in a room and just meditate from there. You should see places around you,not just your surroundings. Your feelings will indicate what you truly want,not passing feelings that come and leave. Your feelings will show you whether you are on track or off track to achieving your goals. Either way go to your heart and meditate,not the heart in your chest,yet the heart field which permeates you as it is you for it is you and affects you everyday and to deny this is to deny reality which none can do and avoid being delusional because to do so is delusional. The real reality is your true feelings show you you in the most honest and the most real way. To be happy,yet be on guard to not let what others say always affect your heart because then your heart will be in curiosity mode and not honesty mode,yet sometimes they are one and the same, yet they are not always one and the same.

The thing about feelings is this,some of them are not purely feelings,

yet have memories connected to them,so to realize this is a step forward towards liberation

otherwise you take a step backward towards manipulation.

Either way the choice is yours and the reality of it all I would akin to a wilderness

where things come and leave all the time so it is best to not leave your heart field unmonitored.

Everything affects us for everything is a choice and everything is a energy

and reality is built up by the both of them.

I am not a fan of living by my feelings for that is where relationships usually fall apart

although I am not referring to your twin flame/twin soul connection,

let that be for without it you’re incomplete and the world needs to let it be or it will never improve ever.

Back To My Roots Too

As of today after reading about animation

I am gonna go back to creating animation again like I did years back.

Life was great back then

and I was more myself and that was back in the late nineties.

I drew and colored my drawings in all the time whenever I got the time to do it.

I will pursue my acting dream someday.

I will pursue my music dream once I get a backup band formed to play with.

I have many more dreams that I plan to pursue one of these days.

I am done with trying to be the perfect Christian

as in never messing up,it happens so we must try again and again.

I doubt that I would ever want to be in the group that I was in from 2002-2007.

Those days are long done and long finished.

I may even pursue my racing dream one day if I get to

whether it is NASCAR or NHRA,either way I have plans,many plans actually.

First off I am gonna be getting me a part time job till all starts to work out

then I am gonna work on one dream at a time.

About songwriting,I could retire,I’ve written more than most 28 year olds ever write,

yet I won’t stop till I am satisfied.

There is much more to come and this is only the beginning.

Keep checking out my blog to find out.

The Heart On It’s Own Is A Moron

You may have your mind on one person

and care a lot about them,

yet the heart knows no limits,so give it limits.

Set limits for the heart before it leads you everywhere.

The Bible says that “The Heart is Deceitful above all things.”

Such makes since to me for what you feel isn’t always what you need to go after

or else you are a moron also and love is not a game,yet love is caring

and without caring love is pointless.

How can a couple remain a couple without caring?

They can’t or else somebody is abused and abuse is never needed anywhere really.

Fate Is Just A Word That Means To Speak

There really no such thing as fate when it comes to events.

Fate is just a manner of speaking.

I so hate how society takes words and distorts them again and again.

Society sucks.

The society today is for the junk.

I do not want society’s junk no more,yet I do want what I want.

Another thing I do not care what the Universe has planned for me

or plans to bring into my life,yet I do not trust it at all.

I trust God,yet the a Universe,not once.

In fact if I went to heaven someday and Brie Larson was not there

I would ask to leave and let me go somewhere else where I can mourn.

I do not like Caitlin Crosby at all,I never did.

If I’m not mistaken we got into a dispute online and I deleted her off of my myspace friends list

and I never looked back,I really didn’t because it was like a breath of fresh air to me.

I am done with being so nice,it don’t get me with her,yet it makes y’all so damn happy.

Still I’m not f*****g happy.God damn whatever is between us and holding me back from forming a band.

God damn those things,plum tired of it.

Event Jitters Is Not Butterflies Flying Away

That adage is so ridiculous that it refers to something that is just

as another saying goes “He hears what he wants to hear.”

This saying is so unrealistic too

that when I first heard the saying I kinda laughed.

The saying makes no sense.

We all get the jitters meaning our nerves are working too much,yet we do

and this can be remedied by deep breathing.

Still relax and try to find stuff to do that you enjoy

and let this pointless and this ridiculous saying go because it is so.

Back To My Roots

Because of my Christian upbringing

and because they placed me in a Christian Academy

because I quit trying in school

I joined the Youth Group and abandoned my roots in November of 2003.

Originally my goal was abstaining from pornography

and outgrowing the mistake,yet all it did was take me away from me

which was a shame,

yet nearly 12 years later I am returning back fully to my roots.

No more hiding my roots and no more being someone else.

For a time it seemed ok,yet trying to be someone else was not me in real life.

I am not referring to what you call acting,yet actually trying to change me for someone else.

I am returning back to my love of acting,film,music and racing,yet no wrestling.

My interest in wrestling disappeared 90% in the late ’90s.

Still my interest in wrestling went really away majorly in the mid ’90s.

I no longer want it in my life.

However the acting,film,music and racing interested me then

and they still interest me today.

Regardless that I am 28 years old by time,

to me I’m still the teen that liked all of those things,

yet got sidetracked by friends,peers and others for too long.

My life was great in 2003 and if it had not been for

the certain friends that I had at the school

and the stupid rules,my life would have been perfect to me.

Still I want to bring back what I gave up in those days and I have.

It may be 2015,yet that is just a number row and that is not reality.

If a year number row was reality then we’d be in real trouble literally.

Thank goodness that memories exist and days come to us and go from us.

Still some days should never have to go ever or should at least get repeated now and then.

The Sun Is More Enjoyable Than Society Is

Seriously think about it,think about it for a bit:

What would life be like without our day light called The Sun?

Very boring and very dark.

Crops wouldn’t grow without it,because crops do require light.

You can grow stuff inside,yet in the sun it is special.

I always liked the sun and it was one of my fascinations as a child.

It interested more than life itself really.

I could look at it and not get bored,yet my eyes would get irritated though.

I do like light a lot and possibly more than most people,literally.

I used to collect lights as a child,it was a hobby of mine.

Whether they be sun shaped,moon shaped or whatever,I got it.

I seriously would not go back and undo my love of light,

yet what I would undo if I could go back is how much that I would stare at the sun directly.

That right there in itself could have hurt my eyes greatly,yet with God all things are possible

even undoing the damage that I might have done to them by doing that.