Distorted Words Reexplored

I am gonna start with the word Gay.

Gay has nothing to do with the sexually loving the same gender.Gay does not mean sexual immorality which is what loving the same gender is.

Gay derives from the word Gai meaning joyful,laughing and merry.Basically gay means happiness.

Now we are gonna look at the word Homosexual which does mean relating to sex the same.This has zero to do with being into men if you’re a man which is not even right.That is sexually immoral.

Then there is the word Queer which does not mean sexually immoral,yet it does mean oblique,off center.

Now let’s delve into the word Slut which does not mean a sexually immoral woman,yet it does mean sloth.

Fag does not mean sexually immoral,but does mean a cigarette.

Faggot does not mean sexually immoral,yet it does mean a bundle of sticks.

Whore does not mean sexually immoral,yet comes from the proto-indo-European word which is *keh2ro which means dear,loved.

Dude does not mean guy,yet derives from the word Doodle which itself derives from the word Dudeln which itself derives from the word Dudy which means a bagpipe.

Babe does not mean woman,yet derives from the word Baba which means child.

Gigolo does not mean a immoral male,yet itself derives from Gigolette+lo which too derives from Gigue+ette which means this:

Gigue:a fiddle,kind of dance


ette:female equivalent



Prostitute does not mean sexually immoral,yet it comes from the word Prostituo which means to set up and erect for and before.

Lesbian does not mean sexually immoral,yet it derives Lesbos which is a island in Greece and ian which means a part of.

Baphomet’s Origin and The Clearing Up of Confusion

Baphomet derives from Mahomet which is a archaic form of Muhammad.

It is a distortion of the word Muhammad.

Though I am not a Muslim I want to clear this up.

Another thing that I find insulting is this:

There are paintings of Baphomet with feet upon the earth when I already explained that Muhammad is the proper word and only God has His feet upon the earth.

Acts 7:49

Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will you build me? said the Lord: or what is the place of my rest?

As you can tell God has the earth as his footstool.You all have been deceived to even think that Satan or Muhammad could even sit on God’s throne.Thinking so is stupid.

There are images of Baphomet and they are of a man and not even a goat.You have been deceived.Baphomet is Muhammad and Muhammad does not have the earth as his footstool,God does have it as his footstool.It is good to clear up confusion and clear up this insult that the ancients did to God.