Disillusioned to Disney

Yes,after all of these years I am finally fed up with it.

Did you know that Walt Disney was 33rd Degree Free Mason.

Did you know that Alice for Alice in Wonderland

was Virginia Davis and she acts unappropriately on it,

yet this is not the Alice in Wonderland that you all know,

yet try decades ago when films were all did in black and white.

Virginia Davis starred in Alice’s Wonderland in 1923.

Virginia Davis was a child back then and she liked cartoons too.




Charlie Brown Was A Actual Man In History

This is a true story.

There really was actually a historical Charlie Brown.

He was born on February 23,1926.

He was a art buddy of Charles Schulz.

Charles asked Charlie if he could use his name for his character

so Charlie agreed and that is how it all started.

The difference between the person and the character is this:

Charlie Brown the person did not say “Good Grief”

nor did he wear a Zigzag t-shirt,yet Charlie Brown the character did.

He died on December 5,1983 and he was only 57.

He never married and he battled alcoholism and manic depression.

Yes they’re different,

yet he did direct a young people’s journal at Notre Dame.

The real life Pepperment Patty said that he was the life of the party.

The True Origins of Casper McFadden the Friendly Ghost

According to some sources

Casper McFadden the Friendly Ghost was created by

Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo,

yet exactly 20 years prior to their first book in 1939

Jimmy Murphy created the Comic Strip series of

Toots and Casper back in 1919.

Toots and Casper was about a wife and a husband.

The ironic part of it all was during Jimmy Murphy’s illness

near the end of his run of creating the series

there was prompting of recycling of earlier strips

and hiring ghost artists.

Later he was turned into a ghost character.



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