The Origins Of Keeping Up With The Joneses

In 1921,the Comic Strip “Keeping Up With The Joneses”

which was created by Arthur R. “Pop” Momand;

it was later debuted in 1913,

and it was distributed by Associated Newspapers.

It was published in American newspapers for 26 years.

Itwas eventually adapted into books, films, and musical comedies.

The “Joneses” of the title were neighbors of the strip’s main characters,

unseen characters often spoken of but never actually seen in person.

In the 1936 book, The Next 100 Years, Clifford C. Furnas noted:

“Keeping with the Joneses”

descended from the spreading of the peacock’s tail.

That is however one theory,

yet another theory is based on the works of Mark Twain

that I will mention below.


In 1921,Author and Humorist Mark Twain did discuss Smith and Jones families


social custom in the essay “Corn Pone Opinions,”

which was first published in 1923.

“The outside influences are always pouring in upon us,

and we are always obeying their orders and accepting their verdicts.

The Smiths like the new play; the Joneses go to see it,

and they copy the Smith verdict.”


Another theory is that the Joneses of the saying refer to

the wealthy family of Edith Wharton’s father, the Joneses.

The Jones were a prominent New York family

with substantial interests in Chemical Bank

as a result of marrying the daughters of the bank’s founder, John Mason.

The Jones and other rich New Yorkers began to

build country villas in the Hudson Valley around Rhinecliff and Rhinebeck,

which had belonged to the Livingstons,

another prominent New York family to whom the Jones were related.

The houses became grander and grander.

In 1853 Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones built

a 24-room gothic villa called Wyndcliffe described by

Henry Winthrop Sargent in 1859 as being very fine in

the style of a Scottish castle,

but by Edith Wharton, Elizabeth’s niece, as a gloomy monstrosity.

The villa reportedly spurred more building,

including a house by William B. Astor (married to a Jones cousin),

a phenomenon described as “keeping up with the Joneses”.

The phrase is also associated with another of Edith Wharton’s aunts,

Mary Mason Jones, who built a large mansion

at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, then undeveloped.

Wharton portrays her affectionately

in The Age of Innocence as Mrs. Manson Mingott, ”

calmly waiting for fashion to flow north”.


A slightly different version is that the phrase

refers to the grand lifestyle of the Joneses

who by the mid-century were numerous and wealthy,

thanks to the Chemical Bank and Mason connection.

It was their relation Mrs William Backhouse Astor, Jr

who began the “patriarchs balls”,

the origin of “The Four Hundred”,

the list of the society elite who were invited.

By then the Joneses were being eclipsed by

the massive wealth of the Astors,

Vanderbilts and others

but the four hundred list published in 1892

contained many of the Jones and their relations—old money still mattered.



What Is Society To Me?

Society is a place of potential that get wasted too often on

the likes of the following which are bad for the soul:





Spiritual Bondage

Tempting and Lusting

Stripping and Lusting

Prostitution whether Chosen or Forced

Rape whether Chosen or Forced

Abortion whether Chosen or Forced

Hedonism which is Too Evasive to be just Leasure Pleasure,

yet It is false and temporal pleasure that is deception in itself

for it gratifies not the soul,yet the flesh

and in itself mars the flesh to be weak and to be vulnerable to ruin


So then you may ask:

Can Society be saved from the hole that it has dug itself into?

Yes,yet it must change itself or else it’s end will be self inflicted

which is a pity to watch if you already see it coming beforehand.


For to uphold what ruins you

is to mock yourself

and to mock yourself

is to hate yourself in folly,yet to believe it is golly

and golly means good while folly means bad;


How can we be free if we seek to perform what torments our soul

and also what pollutes and tarnishes our conscience

and to pollute and to tarnish either your soul or your conscience

is to want your ruin to occur rather than

to seek to prevent your ruin from occurring;


What ruins us does not help us

nor can what helps us ruin us

for to ruin is to tear down

while to help is to build up;


Can the good seek the bad and not be effected?

Can the bad seek the good and not be effected?

Well what you seek you will not only find,

yet what you find your soul will behold

and to behold is to hold in your conscience

and to hold something before your conscience is to witness it

and to witness it is to see it and it becomes a part of your conscience

and in order to cleanse your mind you must leave it and seek the good

like you should have done all along and to not do so is wrong

for what is good is not so good that it cannot become bad

nor what is bad so bad that it cannot become good

so to be good and to be bad and for them both to seek good

is to desire it for you do not seek what you subtly want unaware

or your soul or your conscience has been deceived by forces unseen;




Friday The 13th Is A Total Superstition And Ridiculous

I did my research and this superstition

is connected to mostly the 19th Century.

This Superstition not only keeps people afraid,

yet afraid of them dying during the day.

This reminds me of the fear of hell

and this fear that I knew so well.

I am debunking it because 13 is just a number.

In my opinion attaching beliefs to numbers is silly.


What is Peace?

It is doing right,

It is going our way

When others go wrong;


It is being us

When the world tries to change that

And you know that is whack;


It is being us unreserved

For there is no reason to change

Unless you drive me insane;


It is being us unfiltered

For those that trip up

And if they hate it then can go on a muck;


It is being us sanely

For there is no reason to impose

Or else you may have a losers woes;


I gtg because dealing with the pains

Is nothing to gain;


I hate to dwell on regrets,

yet I mostly love that woman and sunsets;


The Devil Must Be A Homosexual

In fact if you read the Old Testament about Sodom and Gomorrah

you will notice that homosexuality did occurred

and that is why the city that they were living in was destroyed

and you can notice in today’s world

how homosexuality is being foolishly supported.

Homosexuality is a Sin

and the Wages of Sin is death

and who likes to watch people die?Satan,that’s who.

As a child you never would hear of it in the 1990’s

and war was rampant from country to country.

Today there is too much homosexuality

and that needs to change

and people can go to heterosexuality if they tried.

Homosexuality is going against nature

and also it is serving satan unaware.

What are the tools of satan to destroy?:






of course Crime which is Stealing,Killing and Abuse


So what is my word for homosexuals?

Newsflash,it’s a choice and you all can be heterosexuals.

The Truth Behind Why Adolf Hitler Hated The Jews

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks
and they killed 60 Million Germans.
They did this for years actually
during the Bolshevik Revolution
which led to a lot of bloodshed and lose of life.
This continued on
and did result in the destruction of a lot of Gernany
and Adolf Hitler actually did grow up seeing it happen
so he grew to hate the false Jews intensely
and after a while he decided to deal with them himself
and so he started the Nazi Party
and this did result in the death of many Jews,
yet the sad part is that many of the Jews killed were good people,
yet sadly many of Lenin’s descendants still rule the media
so we should not support their evil ways
although we should stand up to their tyranny
and prove what true liberty really is.

We Are Supposed To Test The Spirits Not Invoke The Spirits

The Bible makes this clear.

People who invoke spirits are in danger of demonic possession

unless they seek God

and get to know His Spirit and His Spirit is Holy.


God’s Spirit is Holy

and no spirit is as trustworthy as God’s Spirit.

God is not of this world

just like His son by His name Jesus is not of this world.




Adam,Eve,Cain And Abel Were Not The Only People Then

I know that this all may seem strange to y’all

considering how indoctrinated that we all are,

yet after reading this Bible verse in Genesis

you’ll see how they could not be the only people then.


Let’s go to Genesis 4:14

and as you can tell

by Cain’s own admission

some would kill him on the Earth,

yet these people are not of his own family.


Genesis 4:14

Behold,you have driven from the face of the earth;

and from your face shall I be hid;

and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth;

and it shall come to pass;

that everyone that finds me shall slay me.


Cain was afraid for his life,

yet why his own family slay him?


Cain did start his own city,

yet how?

Those four people alone

would not be enough to start a city

because it takes a multitude to start a city.


Now let’s read about Cain leaving the LORD’s presence

and he went to Nod and this is where he got a wife and had children.

It’s all in the Bible passage Genesis 4:15-16

and this is startling info

for anybody that believes that they were the only people.


Genesis 4:16-17

And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord,

land dwelled in the Land of Nod,

on the east of Eden.

And Cain knew his wife,and she conceived,and bore Enoch;

and he built a city,

and called the name of the city,after his son Enoch.