Loose Women

This is my response to how they are.
Do not read if you not into opinionated people.

They are like a trap
You step on it and off it goes
And they’re like a flushing commode
That never seems to stop
They seek trash that never stops

They’re sleazy as it gets
They give theirselves to you
If you wanted it
So keep away from them my friend
Or this hour may be your bed time to get them off of your mind

They are tramps
Who seek whatever moves like a water fall that seeks the water
They’ll seek you if you hollar
And if you have money they’ll want it for themselves to stop
And they won’t give a fuck if this was your end

Those damn women do not know what they gave
They would rather go around men that do them wrong
Then be men that will do them right all along
I have had it with them they’re no good
And they tempt you like quick sand,you step it and you’re trapped,
you gotta survive that
so you seek a way out of their cell
Set for you and others as well.


Pornography is not leading to love,yet to shame

I have been into porn and out of porn again and again
more times than I can really recall.
It is made to lure one,
yet it began as a curiosity of the female form.
That also is not love,yet curiosity.
As a male,it is perfectly normal to want to know
the difference between males and females
and I learned that at a young age.
I was rebellious,yet I learned about it.


Plus if you buy porn DVDs and magazines

you make filthy minded people richer

and waste your time instead of finding a real life girl friend

and I have been there more than once in my life

and afterwards all you feel is guilt and shame which is rational really.

Home is where the Heart is

Such a cliche saying,yet kinda true in a sense.
Home is where our heart truly lives,
yet to me this saying needs changed to
Where your heart is your logic does not comprehend.

I try to do what I like,yet my heart gets in the way.
I see things and when I get into them,I get a response
and I am done with doing it.
I hate myself as of today
and may my problems go away.
Though should they stay,I’ll probably go crazy.
One more problem and I am letting the internet for a while though
because grief and sorrow fills my heart and I don’t know where to start.

Depression,yes I am experiencing it again

It is either boredom or depression

or it is loneliness or misery.

There seems to no way out of it for me.

If I could do what I really want to do

and see that my life has meaning and purpose

I would not be any of those things.

I am a twenty some year old.

I have flashbacks that come back to me of

when I was working late at Walmart

and I would drive home,nobody was here and I drove back out

listening to Kelly Clarkson’s album Breakaway

and The Hoot Soundtrack

and Velvet Revolver’s song I Fall To Pieces

and Augustana’s song Boston.

That was back in the summer of 2007 or 2008

when I actually wore plaid shorts everyday of the week

till I started wearing blue jeans again.

My friend was dating a man at the time.

I was crushed and devastated.

I never really got over it.

I can not find her anymore and that hurts me dearly.

People have posted that she’s gone

and I am praying that I will see she’s alive somehow,

just one glimpse of it would ease my mind.

I am worried.

This is hard on me really.

I would weep for about half an hour

then I’ll look for her

then I’ll go to bed and try to just accept it somehow.

My friend used to message me

and her friends somehow convinced her that I posed as her

and I never did that once which hurts so deeply also.

It seems likes a unending battle for me.

I may never get to see her or know her ever again

and sadly I never got the chance to meet her or know her once

and that is the hardest thing for me to accept in my life,yet oh well.

Nobody cares about her on this earth as much as I do.

All I can find of her are pictures and videos and that is it.

No calls and no emails.

It would be a miracle if she would call or message me,

yet sadly there is no reaching her because there is no way to contact her.

People slander her and stuff.

They all should apologize to her and stop being jerks like they are being.

I hurt so deeply and the pain does not end.

I mean literally I will go on and not cry at all for days,

yet I look for where she may be and I really want to go see her,

yet I will never chase her or stalk her

so there is really no way for me to ever meet or get to know her ever.

Goodnight world.

May y’all never lose the ones you love and care about.

Dealing with the Self and the World

This is a fresh post.
It is healthier to get things out of the way that instigate stress
before they can spiral your life out of control.
I have been on both sides of the coin,healthy and frailthy.
Frailthy may be a new word,yet so what,it is what it is,it is a word anyways.

In this life we have lessons to learn and risks to take.
Nothing really is easy except going from rest and going to act.
To me there are two modes of existence rest/dream and act/event.
Everything happens for a reason,whether for better or for worser,it is.
To me there is:
a time to listen and a time to talk,
a time to learn and a time to teach
Both are two sides of existence and two sides of it all really

Dogma and Media to me have a place.
They teach us morals and that we have to look out for us.
I trust no one really,not even those who are related to me at all.
I trust nothing inside me or outside me.
I just deal with every body and every thing
moment by moment,day by day,week by week and year by year.
I reminisce the past,experience the present and contemplate the future.

To me there is no we without you and me and we equals us and them.
In society it is a us and them mentality that is formed.
We live on a planet where everyone really has different preferences and priorities.
I accept that and I just live with it.
Friends are made by agreeing to go with those two things and go endure it.
If your friend is like yourself then it is easier to endure it
and at times you may never have to endure anything and being around them
is like breathing in air,totally natural and there is no second thinking
because everything seems right and is right
and I am into analyzing and synthesizing things to make sense of things.

The misinterpreted B.O.R.

Why it is misinterpreted us for the following reasons:

The Whore Babylon is not a actual woman,yet a city
The creature that she sits on that has seven heads
is a platform with seven mountains
The many waters that she sits on are the people on the earth
The whore wears purple and scarlet

This description fits Rome to a T that to consider it otherwise
is to dismiss what the Bible plainly says.

Rome has it’s priesthood in purple and scarlet.
This is a fact.

There is more than one beast in the book.

In fact the Image of the Beast is gave life by the second beast.
The Image of the Beast is in fact the image of the first beast.

To me these beasts are metaphors for rulers,harsh rulers.
These rulers are possibly like Hitler considering how forceful that they are.

I could go on and on,
yet if you actually read the full passage about the sentences above
it seems to me that they are trying to take the place of God himself
and that may be why accepting it is not forgiveable ever.

Rebuilding Myself

A year ago,I started powerlifting again after a few years of hiatus.
I just lost my interest in powerlifting.
I do not know fully why,yet I know got lazy,physically unfit and it was enough.
I was doing crunches,yet still physically unfit so I started back.
I was slowly getting driven to rebuild my muscles again from square one.
I am back to lifting 50 lbs on arm curls,this is what I lifted at my strongest
when I was 21 years old.
My dad told me that I was stronger than he was at 21,that surprised me.
Still,I was needing to rebuild myself.
I can officially look at my body and I am proud of my hard work.
My first week of abdominal workouts was hard as can be and in fact it is still.
I do a 24 minute abdominal workout every Sunday,Tuesday and Thursday.
I have a great workout ruining if anybody wants to do what I do today:







I stay at around 207 lbs.
I did weigh 255 lbs. at my heaviest,yet I still lost the excess weight.

F.Y.I.My shape is due to the fact that I do not eat after 5-7 PM anymore.