This is how I view ADHD after reading about it

Horse Shit.

Some children are bored with school,

duh,it is created to dumb us down.

When I was a child I got bored,was distracted

and I did not try because goodness they were boring.

In all honesty as a child music,racing,sports and wrestling

were my true passions and in some way

they still are my passions today.

This world hates the real us

and conforming is what the fucking elite want.

If people everywhere knew they could work self-employed,

they’d quit their boss controlled job tomorrow.

ADHD is a label applied to children who are bored with

and get distracted,we all do.

Enthusiasm is what happens

when bam everything clicks and it all makes sense.

In College one professor argued with me over what I enjoy

and another professor called me controversial

because she could not control me at all.

She asked me who was my biggest influence

which I can not just narrow down to one person

so I wrote her a list of people and she got fuming mad

and I got very amused and I didn’t give a damn.

I hate the movie 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea,

it is weird.

I am me and I refuse to like what messes with my thinking

unless it helps me in all areas of my life.


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