Here are some jokes to get you through today

Did y’all ever hear of the muffins that got close?

They had a muffin because of it


How did the man on the moon cut his hair?

He eclipsed it


Where did George Washington put his armies?

In his sleeves


What did the light say the driver?

Don’t look I’m changing


Where do the penguins go the movies?

The Dive In


No Gender Is Better Than The Other Gender

Men need women to have a child or children.

Women need men to have a child or children.

A relationship that is not based on concern and interest

is over before it starts.

I do not care because this is the facts.

Both men and women can do sports and shoot guns.

However some are too humble and some are too proud.

I am pretty neutral and I do research a lot of stuff.

There is a place and a time for every thing,

yet we should try to not hold grudges

because it is based on

our immune system and our nervous system.

If you have anything against anybody

then just forgive them and let their wrong go.

Abraham believed in what God said and God blessed him for it

God came to him and Sarah.

God promised them a son.

Sarah did not believe that God would.

It took years for Abraham to believe God,

yet once Abraham believed God and God gave him Isaac.

God could have gave Isaac to Abraham sooner,

yet Abraham struggled to believe that it would be.

God is able,yet till we get the doubt out of our hearts

we may never see a miracle in our lives

because we do not make room for it in our lives,

yet we need to believe what God tells us.

People do not get it

The Bible does not exist to just be read.

The Bible exists to transform our lives and make us better people

than we already are.

Homelessness is not Loitering

I feel sorry for the homeless.

All because someone is homeless does not mean

that they are loitering.

If homeless people are loitering

they are concerned about surviving.

It is a tragedy that the homeless and the veterans get ignored,

yet the illegals and the terrorists get help.

That is all garbage.

I hate it with a flaming hatred

that is like burning through wood.

The rich could help the homeless,yet refuse to.

Calling the homeless loiters

is like calling the drinkers alcoholics.

If someone is homeless they have no where to go

so that is why they walk aimlessly concerned for their welfare.


Children are so Free

I mean they are free mentally.

Children have zero cares.

If they see films and music videos they are care free.

They just go along and have fun.

I like how care free children can be.

I do miss that.

I do have dreams,yet I miss how it was back then.

I do miss the way the music sounded and how people were.

Things were easier and I never had a care at all.

It is not hopeless

The devil is definitely trying

to steal my chances,

to kill my motivation

to destroy my faith,

yet he has not beat me.


I am still here

and the devil if God lets me

I will whack him in the head with a baseball bat

and give him a ko for causing so many people problems

and I know that the devil is the source of all problems.


Another thing is this:

Rejection does not deter me,yet motivates me

and if matters not if it happens continually

the rejection is like fuel

and the devil and the world will lose soon.


I am gonna discover how to end all diseases

and not the devil nor the world will stop me

and I will overcome it all

and I am gonna stop being successful

and you advertisements and commercials can move on.

If Only

If Only

Pain would not convince me that

I am taken down

I could have my faith away from the ground;


If Only

The flesh when hurt would not convince me that

Hope is gone

I could see past my hurt to the One who can help me on;


If Only

My mind could retain what I learn

And not let my senses get me down

I could find a way more often around;


If Only

I could see the next moment

I could prepare for it now

Instead of looking at the doom and glory with worry now;


If Only

I could keep my mind set on what is above

I could maintain faith that nothing in the world can shake

Even if I make a mistake;


Then I would have stronger faith

And I would rise again

I would not have it lose,

Yet I could win;


Then I could overcome the world

With all of it’s troubles

With all of it’s turns

I could live and learn and be strong forever and ever on;