Friendship And Relationship Do Not Refer To Companionship

For starters friendship means to love the shape of something
and this does not apply to being pals,it don’t.
Relationship means to refer back to the shape of something
and this is also known as referencing stuff.
I no longer call my friends friends these days.
When I get married,she will be my friend
and I do love more than her shape,

No One Is A Person

Let me put that to you again:
No One Is A Person
for Person means Actor’s Mask
and comes from the word Persona
and Persona means Character and Mask.
Nobody is a Character nor are they a mask.
This is a acting term anyway
so it does not fit me or you or any of us ever
unless we are doing a masquerade which is a circus thing.
I prefer to not do that.
I would rather be myself and a self is what I am.
It is what we all are,a self.

eHarmony Is eMisery

I remember giving them a chance a while back
just for kicks.
I was not looking for love,yet seeing if they were really worth it.
I took their ten to twenty page self analysis quiz.
I answered everything.
I put that I was looking for a musician,
all American and writes songs too.
I got lead to a page that said:
We’re sorry we could not find a match for you.
I feel so sorry for anybody who is a musician
and wants someone like themself,I do feel for them.
I did the two-three times more just for kicks,
I was like why not see if they were miserable even more.
I found out that they were miserable even more.
Dating Sites are deceptive:,,
don’t even get me started with
because those desperate Russian Women on there are hysterical.
There’s no dating,I’m already their husbands.
I’m like I don’t know you or want you.
Do what I did,
find a actress or someone local and date her
then everything should fall into place
and y’all should live happily ever after
The Continuing.


Why you may ask.
Well that is because the word addiction
at the roots of the word
it just means to go to speak to.
Addiction means to go to speak to whatever or whoever.
There is no such thing as a habit addiction.
Such is just a cultural cliche that never was.
After years of hearing and seeing this word
I no longer see it as about having bad habits ever again.
Everybody is really Addicters
because we speak to people everyday.
I do hope that this does end this stupid connection
that is needless and pointless to have
between the words Addiction and Habitual
because such a comparison is desperately,power hungry people.
There are not addictions,just some interactions with life and death.

Husband And Wife Are Two Words That Should Not Be Used For Marriage

For starters their definitions
set that fact straight real quickly.
Husband means house band
so there is no point in using that for a man
and another thing a man is no band.
Wife means veiled person
and there is nothing veiled about women,
especially married women,a lot of them are gossips,
yet not all of them.
So till we find new words for married people
please just call me by name and not by a title
which those two words are,yet not right for people.

There Is No Bipolar Disorder(Although There Is Emotional Abuse By The World)

When we are children,
this old world starts to gradually wear us down,
hurting us whenever it can
and the older we get,
unless we are totally happy,
the worser that it gets
and this is the toughest fact to take.

I get bothered a lot by things,
yet nothing even touches not seeing my friend,
not even not writing songs for days if not months.
I have enough of my own songs to go without writing anything
for a very long time
and I could do shows and shows
and still have more to release
and lyrics written that could fill albums,
possibly ten albums,
yet I will not get to release any of them
till I get a band
and better luck comes my way
in the form of maybe winning the lottery.

I am not humble nor am I proud,
yet I am confident enough in my abilities
to write songs as well as play my own songs
and that is mandatory if you want to make it.
I used to be afraid of performing before people.
I am a very self taught guitarist
and even though my earthly dad
helped me to learn how to press down the chords,
I taught myself them
and even though a guitarist friend of mine
did teach me how to do guitar bends and riffs,
I already knew majors,minors,
suspendeds,augmenteds and diminisheds.
I then taught myself 5ths and more.
None of my friend were as driven as I was
at learning everything
that I could possibly learn about guitar
and barre chords were a struggle for me
early on,yet now they’re a breeze.
I love the word breeze,a breeze is a nice wind.

I once asked my friend
if he would teach me guitar
to see what he would say,
yet I said foolishly I would show
before I heard him say that
all that I needed to learn was major and minor,
yet I never showed and he got rained on
which I do regret a lot,
yet he did forgive me for it
so I guess it will be fine now.

If you want to learn guitar,
learn all that you can learn about them.
From Majors to Minors,
Suspendeds which are a category of chords
in my opinion because there are
SuspendedDiminisheds and Augmenteds and More.
I will not tell you everything.
If you want to know that it will cost you money.
I need it and you can handle paying me.
If I made you near a guitar expert
it would be worth it.

It would be well worth the cost of paying me
and y’all could jam like Eric Clapton maybe.