Overcoming Mental Block and Writers Block in My Own Way

I have struggled with mental block for years

where random thoughts enter my mind

and as much I let them through and ignore them

or I refuse them they keep on coming back.


As for writers block

I could be working on a song or a story

and all of a sudden I am stuck

and I had a goal to finish it and everything.


At times I would wait months and maybe years

just to complete a song or a story.

I hate to do that,

yet at times the mind is left with less ideas.


I am like this

when it comes to ideas and you run out of ideas

and you are working on a song

and you come up with different verses,see if they relate

then if they do put together as one song

and all of a sudden you realize how easy that was.


That is how it goes sometimes with a song

and thinking that

you need several songs with several titles to me

is the biggest road block for beginning songwriters,

yet a song should not be complicated,yet simplified at times.