Today Is Memorial Day(Formerly Known As Decoration Day)

This day is very important to me
and it should be very important to you,
if you are an American like myself that is.

Years ago before this was known as Memorial Day,
setup as a holiday to pay tribute to anyone that has passed on,
it was a holiday setup just for the wounded soldiers
that fought for our country in the wars,
whether they be the Revolutionary War,
the Civil War,World War I,World War II
or the Vietnam War.

Still some do celebrate them even today.
Two of my ancestors was in two wars.
My ancestor William C. Long and the C. is short for Captain.
He was the Captain of the Revolutiobary Army
so remembering him is a big deal to me
because he fought to get us free
even when the monarchy lead Virginia Company
still owned Virginia and the colonies,
yet afterwards the 13 colonies were confederate and free.

Yes,I am very patriotic and I wouldn’t change a thing about it either.
It is American pride which is pride in America after all.


Jesus Was Resurrected On Today Not Easter

Jesus was resurrected on today
because he just was resurrected on today.
Don’t be fooled by what the world tells you.
The main reason to me that pagans
tried to remake the Sabbath on Sunday
was because they worship the Sun,
yet Jesus was not resurrected on Easter Sunday
nor is the Sabbath now or ever was on a Sunday.
Only a total moron would believe that.
Jesus told his disciples
that he would be in the heart of the earth
for three days and three nights
and you cannot fit three days and three nights
into the worldly view of Friday-Sunday
in the heart of the earth lie
that neither Jesus or his disciples would uphold.

Actually the weekdays according to the Bible are
Evening to Evening,
yet this world wants Midnight to Midnight.
Jesus was crucified on Wednesday Morning
and placed in a sepulcher on Wednesday Afternoon.
He was there from Wednesday Afternoon to Saturday Afternoon
which would be a total of three days and three nights.

Romans would punish anyone for having someone
buried on the Sabbath because Romans too studied Judaism.
Yes,they too studied Judaism.
It may come as a surprise to y’all,yet not me
because I research so much about so many things.

Actually Easter is based on Eostre a pagan Sun Goddess
who people in honor of her colored eggs
in sacrificed baby blood
and that is how we got the Easter egg coloring tradition,
baby sacrifice.
Look it up and you’ll see the I’m right.
Easter originates from the pagan Sun Goddess Eostre.

Be free everyone and celebrate Jesus resurrection on today
because it did occur on today a thousand and some years ago.

Happy Holidays and New Beginnings

Oh it’s Happy Holidays

Such a jolly time

Come on everyone we can have a good time;


Oh it’s Happy Holidays

Such a merry time

We can continue these good times after the new year comes alone;


Happy Holidays

It’s Happy Holidays

Such happy days;


Happy Holidays

It’s Happy Holidays

To do what we have to do to get our blues to go away;


Here we are

It is that time again

To prepare as the New Year comes in;


Here we are

It is time to

Get ready for a new time and hopefully better days in our lives;


Oh oh we can go

We can go do as we like

We can do it even in the night;


A new year is coming

It won’t be long

So here is this sonnet to get you going on;


It has been a nice Winter so far

And the new year is coming

With good times too and hopefully we’ll have less of the blues;


It’s New Beginnings

New Days ahead

And a fresh start for us all and there is no reason to feel dread;


It’s New Beginnings

New Times to shine

Before so many lives;


New Beginnings

It’s New Beginnings

To start again;


New Beginnings

It’s New Beginnings

Can you see it coming in and going better than it did;


Come on Everybody

We can have a good time

With joy and happiness coming on time and we will be fine;


The Facts about The Pope,Santa Clause and Christmas

This is a very strong post that is honest and to the point

and here is my warning to you:

If you do read this post all the way through

you will find the facts about each of those three things,

yet you will not be the same after reading them

unless them you chose to ignore what is plain before your eyes


The Pope exists because of Constantine(The First Pope)

and this may come as a shock to you,

yet he is also not just referred to as the Pope,

yet he is also referred to as Vicar Christi

and unless you have not known it’s meaning

well here it is

Vicar means Replacer of

Christi means Christ

Vicar Christi then means Replacer of Christ

That is not all that is wrong with the Pope even existing.

This is sadly what Constantine wanted to happen.

Constantine was in fact the first to used Vicar Christi as a title.

Constanstine not only did that,yet establish himself as Holy Father,

which no human on earth is,yet only God Himself is

and I have proof of that by this one Bible verse:


John 17:11


I am no longer in the world,yet they are in the world,

and I am coming to you.

Holy Father,protect them by your name,the name that you gave me,

so that they may be as one,as we are one.


As you see right there,God is who is supposed to be viewed as Holy Father

not some man in Rome trying to impose on Our Father’s time.

As you can tell by that Bible verse alone

God’s name and God’s son’s name are the same:Jesus.

They are one,yet they are not the same,big difference.


Now onto Santa Clause.

What does Santa Clause actually mean?

You probably will be surprised when I show you.

Santa means St Nicholas

Clause means Shut and Close

So then what does Santa Clause really mean?

Santa Clauses means to shut and close St Nicholas

basically get rid of him,he does not matter anymore.

This is the Catholic’s doing,

yet whateverbecause Rome cannot get away with these wrongs forever.


Now onto one of the biggest atrocities done by the Catholics.

What does Christmas mean?

Is it good?

No,not at all.yet it is better to know what is true than what is false.

So here goes.

Christ:Christ & Mass



So then what does Christmas really mean?

It means Christ is dismissed,

well Christ is dismissed to Catholics that is

and they are far from saved and so are we be celebrating a atrocity.

Even saying Christmas is like saying Christ you don’t matter.

So what should we rename Christmas then

so that Christ is appreciated.

Maybe we should call December 25 Christ Dai meaning The Day of Christ.

Along with that do away with the Yule Log deception based on sacrifices to Yule.


Wintertime Is Here

Oh the snow it comes

December has begun;


It is going by so fast

It is like a show that has jumped off the rails as well;


Wintertime Is Here

There is a peacefulness in the air

During this season we can make snow people out in the yard

Even as vehicles go by

Oh what a life;


We do not need reindeer or a flying sleigh

Just family and friends

To help us when they may

And as time goes by may they stay by our side

And may there be things for to do and not just a few;


Wintertime Is Here

I see no need for tears

Yet tears do fall

For us all because a soul needs free of the pain

As we’ll as the sorrow and the shame;


So let it snow

Let it snow;


While we do it all

May we remember the Greatest Gift of all

And He is God’s Only Begotten Son y’all

And may all of our dreams come true,yet help us be better people too;