I Rejected Secret Societies And I Will Reject Them All

Back years ago the Professional Ice Skater Scott Hamilton

mailed me a letter in the mail.

I was like this is cool,

this is the Professional Ice Skater Scott Hamilton

who I did think a lot of till I read into his letter.

He talked to me about joining the Secret Society

known as the Rosicruscian Order,

yet I never agreed to join,

yet I did ask for a book about their secret society

which was black and I read some of the book.

The book immediately seemed redundant.

The book was more than a thousand pages in length.

I read more and more

and I notice how they went along the lines

“You cannot join our group and believe in the Bible”

I was like this secret society is Anti Christian fully.

So I sent the book back in.

The part that drew me to the secret society

was what the Professional Ice Skater mentioned about

the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School

where you learn the ancient arts and also learn the esoteric stuff.

Still,rejecting Jesus just to learn this was what since

lead me to being disillusioned with the garbage.


Well years went by and I got a email in the spam

from the Illuminati Society saying this:

Join The Illuminati to get fame and fortune.

I did not care who sent me this and my reply back was this:

No thank you,I will get fame and fortune without y’all’s help.


Let me make one thing crystal clear:

I have no handlers and in fact I do not need any.

yet I have God who watches over me.

That is enough help.

I am gonna invest in ways of being more productive.


Please take my advice and you won’t even regret it:

If you are offered something that sounds fanciful or forceful

then you should let it go

because there are people in this world who do desire to manipulate you

and I have confronted a lot like that and set them right.