Jesus the Christ’s True Birth Day Now Known

Today I found that Jesus the Christ actual birthday was on a Saturday(the first Sabbath.) I also found that he was born on March the 20th. This day was on a Saturday. It was on the 1st of Nisan on the 6th B.C. This all happened on the Hebrew month of Nisan on the first day of the month which is different each year. Still it goes to show that the AD timeline was 5 years,so many months and so many days after Jesus the Christ was born.

I will no longer celebrate Christmas because it honestly is not about Jesus the Christ,but only about preserving the traditions of the Roman emperors. So I must let that go as of today. I am a Christian,yet not like everyone. Some will acknowledge what I put here to be seen,while others will cling onto Roman emperor traditions instead of wanting to know the truth. Still you all should know the truth about everything.

Christmas Day evolved from Saturnalia and never was about Jesus’s true birthday. It was only about concealing and hiding the 12 days of Saturnalia with a new name Christmas. Jesus is not deceived,only the gullible emperors of Rome are. The Yule log is a pagan tradition,that was then to be about the Winter Solstice which is about the Sun. God the Heavenly Father made the Sun to be a light of the day as the moon is to be a light of the night. God the Heavenly Father did this,not humanity.

Here is the website where I learned about our Savior’s true birthday: