A Decade Ago

It is something that when I was in high school

I won my first poetry award on this month in 2005.

This happened for three years in a row.

I was the Executive’s Choice for three years in a row.

Poetry.com thought a lot of three of my poems.

Still I earned nothing from my poetry,

yet I saw that my poems were good enough to make it.

So after the whole fall out with Poetry.com

I branched out on my own and tried to start my own business

and eventually I plan to make it all work out someday.


I do recall that my first ever poem was titled “The Peace Prayer”

which I unfortunately lost sometime ago,

yet before that I managed to read it to people at the Youth Group

and read it to my mom who is a poet herself

and she thought that it was good.

So after that experience and seeing that Johnny Cash himself

won a Poetry.com award I was ready to try it for myself

to see what I could achieve if I worked on my poetry a little bit more.

So I published to them and I won a award within a short period of time.

I was thrilled because it was my first award not of the Christian Academy.

I knew what it was like to win awards,

yet this was so different for me.

I was like so in the sky,cloud nine.

I was so overjoyed.

I was no arrogant.yet so overjoyed at the time.

It is something winning awards for doing good in school,

yet it is a totally different thing to win awards for your own work.


If you ever win a award outside of school let the feelings come.

You do deserve it.