My 364th Post

I am 29 years of age.

I have gotten tired lately.

I got a lot on me to do.

Still I try.


My 363rd Post

To be honest,

to get this far took me time and effort.

This is possibly the most that I have blogged in months.

To me I could post more continually.

So much every month,yet no because it requires my time.

I got a life of my own to live.

This blog is only one part of it.

I may post music on it someday soon.

Who knows,I may even post poems once again.



Where Have I Been Lately?On The Go Really!

I have been back to working on songs again.

I have wrote some new songs that I plan to

record,mix,produce and put on a all new blog someday in the future.

This blog is fun,yet I may have to take some time off from it again

because I am gonna go back into my studio and record again.

I do miss the music so much,yet I never really stopped doing it.

I will post some brand new posts really soon.

Still I am gonna create a fresh blog site on the internet

and on it you can listen to some free music of mine.

Do not copy it though because if I ever get famous

I may give y’all a behind the scenes of my songs.

Thank you all for being loyal to me for nearly a year.