We Deserve Better Than What Our Temptations Bring

If have noticed that even with lust of women

That it will only get you so far

and then you feel grief and guilt because of it

and if you are righteous

you’ll feel disappointment and shame,

yet if you would have overcame the temptation

you could have done what you enjoyed,

had a good time,

spend time with those you care for,

read something

or traveled somewhere and seen something new,

yet the lust for the flesh grew and grew

and something desires remain too long in us

and taint us till we are not that pure within,

yet polluted by desires that hurt us not help us.


Let Not The Temptation Become The Expectation

I have learned this from my own experiences

and there is a tendency

after being tempted for a while

that we become so accustomed to the temptation

that the temptation becomes the expectation.


The flesh is weak already,

so why should we expect what could weaken us more?


The world is the field

and in the field both good and bad grow together,

yet the bad can affect the good and can mar the good

if we are not careful

and if we are good we can if carelessly become tainted by bad.


Still there is hope

because good can outnumber the bad

and the bad can become the good

because even bad people can become good people

because we are able to change if we attempt to wholeheartedly.


For the Bible does have it written in 2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people called by my name,

shall humble themselves,and pray,

and seek my face,and turn from their wicked ways;

then will I hear from heaven,

and will forgive their sins,and will heal their land

That is right us Christians if we would just:

humble ourselves before God and pray

and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways

then He would hear us from heaven,

and forgive our sins and heal our land.

That is right because we would be forgiven and healed too.




King Solomon let the world come between him and God

and he was at the time the wisest man on earth,

yet he let the world sway him from The Lord

and sadly his hundreds of women led him to idolatry

and he lost his way,yet nobody has to suffer like King Solomon did.


There is a hope in Christ that is available to us all

if we will turn from the wickedness of the world

to the righteousness of The Lord.

Celebrities Are Overrated

When I am referring to celebrities

I am not referring to singers

and if you can sing well and interest me then you do good

because I am a choosey person,yet I like various genres.


Still some singers are overrated

and they get too much recognition

and they get too much attention too

while very gifted artists get too little attention.

In 2004 The Book of Revelation almost caused me insanity

I stopped going to the Youth Group because the book

did almost cause me to lose my mind.

The whole book never helped my mind.

I managed to stay sane after letting it go for a while,

Relearning that the book was metaphorical was fresh air to me.

It was so great to learn that the woman in it was a city not a woman.

I do not know why the Bible needs to use metaphors for.

Why does it not just be direct like the rest of us all.

I almost killed myself because of the Book of Revelation.

I hate how things cross my mind just to disturb it all the fucking time.

Fuck off you fucking random disturbing twirp thoughts.

Miley Cyrus Is A Hypocrite

Please do not get me wrong

because she seems nice,

she seems to mean well

and she does give to those in need,

yet when she was near a stripper pole on a photograph

and it was on a magazine for sell

and this promiscuous sexualism is being labeled

as helping to end AID/HIV,

yet who are they kidding

and on the magazine she looks like a stripper

and what I know about strippers is this:

They are annoying,sexualized and troublesome.

Oh yes,Miley Cyrus,you are a disgrace to what is good and a hypocrite.

You are not good role model and you not Selena Gomez are righteous.


Hope Explained

Hope exists

It does not fail

If Faith is in it happening

All can be well;


Hope is not morbid

Nor does the one morbid need to lose Faith

For Faith can move mountains and problems any day

and there is no lose of chance if you seek God

He can make it happen;


Hope is expecting the best

Even if you have experienced the worst

Even though troubles have been coming to you

Tomorrow can be as good of a day as your first day;


So hope is not vain if it is true

And this world can become more good for me and you;

Misery And Ecstasy

Aggravation leads to Tension

and Tension leads to Apprehension

and this cycle gets more and more vicious

unless your cease your cares

and if your cares are hard to handle

than let God have them

and let God fix your cares because He can

and there is nothing that can stop Him from healing your failures

and restoring your chances back to the starting point.

What Is True Repentance

I will inform you what repentance is not

and repentance is not saying you are sorry and that is all,


Repentance is between you and God

and letting God know that you failed

and working on not failing again

by turning from your flawed ways

to seek His perfected ways.


We are supposed to follow His perfect ways

and to walk in His perfect ways

and to do otherwise is to fail to repent.


What requires no repentance are

the things of faith,the things of hope and the things of love

and anything that corrupt or perverse is worthy of repentance

for those are disturbing and stumbling blocks to justice

and what ever disturbs you and stumbles you justice is ruining.


Here is reasons to not repent:

Others are disturbing and stumbling around you

Others do and say some perverse things

Others lure you and seduce you,yet you refuse them

Others slander you and still you do not falter because of it


This is a self discipline type of way.


Repentance does require self discipline

for without self discipline the person can fail themselves

and become sinful again

and sadly fall away from

the Just and the Perfect and the Right Way of God

which is no burden to seek and to follow through

nor is it too difficult that it can not be fulfilled totally.


Awareness Of Them

To seek the showy

and to also be showy is to be faulty

and to be faulty is also to humiliate yourself;


Humilation from others is not good for you,

yet if you are showy then faulty

and you feel humiliated

then you can learn from it and start again;


To feel humiliated is not to feel ruined,

yet to be aware of your wrong

and how your wrong affects you

and how your wrong affects your confidence;


To be as the world is to seek ruin

for the world seek death and ruin

and in these two things the world loses it’s way,

yet if the world would seek life and hope

then the world could be made perfect and new;


For Jesus even told us to be as perfect as the Father in Heaven

so it is our responsibility to be so

and by being perfect we do good and we seek good

and the good is not lusty nor showy,

yet can do and can perform to it’s fullest ability till it is finished;0;