There Is A Physiological War and A Psychological War Going On

I know this

because I have done my research

thoroughly enough to know.

The devil does not care

what or who he harms

just as long as he does the harm.

The pharmaceutical community is doing

the physiological war

while the entertainment community is doing

the psychological war.

We must be ready to raise up our faith shield

and be ready to survive these attacks against our existence.

This is a combat that we must commit to

or else the devil succeeds which none should allow.

I am done with letting the devil win.

Children and teenagers are to me the most vulnerable to them.

They are around people who are knowledgeable,

yet may gullibly accept

what those around them show them or tell them.

So it is a dangerous world that we live in,

not that we should just inside and leave the outside forever.

No,this is not able being a coward,

yet this is about not trusting easily.

Some people are worthy of trust,

yet some people are worthy of doubt.

Still the world is here and we are here too.

The lie that entertainment community tells us is this:

The world is a stage


The entertainment community has killed Marilyn Monroe

and convincing her to be disassosciative

and I do feel sorry for her.

I really do wish that

I could have helped her because nobody cared

enough back then to stop her handlers

from leading her to death.

To me Heath Ledger,David Carodine,Michael Jackson

and numerous others are victims of the game

as Garth Brooks calls it.


We can be free and also achieve our dreams.

We all can do it because all things are possible with God.


In Revelation 21:7

He that overcomes,I shall give everything.

I will be his God and he will be my son.

Yes,overcoming the world does equal receiving everything

and this is what God will do for us if we will overcome the world.