Composed By
James Henry Shelton

He is the Creator
Of all things
Even small
He made it all
And even at night
When one prays
He is listening away
He is the Helper
When we need him to
Even before we have a clue
He is there
Even when we don’t ask a thing
It is written
That he gives a song to sing


Dharma And Karma:Two Tenets Of Hinduism,Yet I’m Not A Hindu

Dharma mean to hold and give support

while Karma means what goes around comes back around

I tried to make sense of Dharma meaning what one is supposed to do,

yet I can’t find that definition for dharma anywhere

and I’ve looked and looked,read and read till I had head aches.

Seriously cannot make sense of such a notion

and doing what one supposed to do is noble,

yet on this planet such a thing only one can learn,

yet sadly it must come from your heart.

I never called it dharma or destiny,yet simply one’s nudge.

A deep down nudge.

I am not calling it dharma unless I find proof then I might call it dharma.

Still I won’t give up on seeing my friend.

Not for the universe,not for anybody ever.