Punching the devil out

I so want to swing my fist at satan’s face

Till he regrets coming to my place

Maybe I can punch satan out cold

Like a boxer does before they move on;


I really want to kick satan’s ass

I really want to whack at baseball bat at his head

And make him regret

For the pain he has cause me to have

Is he glad;


Oh he better run because he is gonna pay

For my problems that he caused me to have

And he deserves me to beat him up real good

Till he regrets making me hurt so bad like he does;


Oh Oh it will be such a glorious day

When I can make satan hurt so good anyway

I will not feel sorry for the enemy when he’s done

And may he regret the souls he took with him;


I wish I could run him over with my car again and again

He will regret this and he will not win

I will reign supreme against this punk

And he will be done when I am done with him soon and he will not resume;


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