Back To My Roots Too

As of today after reading about animation

I am gonna go back to creating animation again like I did years back.

Life was great back then

and I was more myself and that was back in the late nineties.

I drew and colored my drawings in all the time whenever I got the time to do it.

I will pursue my acting dream someday.

I will pursue my music dream once I get a backup band formed to play with.

I have many more dreams that I plan to pursue one of these days.

I am done with trying to be the perfect Christian

as in never messing up,it happens so we must try again and again.

I doubt that I would ever want to be in the group that I was in from 2002-2007.

Those days are long done and long finished.

I may even pursue my racing dream one day if I get to

whether it is NASCAR or NHRA,either way I have plans,many plans actually.

First off I am gonna be getting me a part time job till all starts to work out

then I am gonna work on one dream at a time.

About songwriting,I could retire,I’ve written more than most 28 year olds ever write,

yet I won’t stop till I am satisfied.

There is much more to come and this is only the beginning.

Keep checking out my blog to find out.