The Devil seems to try to destroy us subtly

The devil is smart,yet not so smart that he is unstoppable.

God can outsmart the devil and Jesus was sent by God

to do what?Undo the works of the devil

And to bring his power of death over us null.

Jesus brought us victory,

yet we must accept this victory as a fact.

The devil has put a veil over our minds

to deceive us into believing in death being our fate.

Jesus came to change all of that and stop his chaos.

All that we are asked to do is believe in Jesus and speak to the problems.

In this world we have been programmed from birth to do what?

Talk about the problems,yet what does that do to the problems?Nothing.

The problems are still there until we talk to the problems

then they must flee like a frightened person.

This is just a comparison and I am not into frightening people.

This needed to be used as a comparison to prove the point.

The point is this we must take the devil’s footholds from our lives.

After we do that then we can have both a glorious and a victorious life both.

The devil’s hold on you is as powerful as it is that you let him have power.

I do not make up how I feel,I just feel

I really do miss my friend so much at times to the point of tears.

Still I do hate crying because then your eyes water,

your nose drains and your throat gets irritated,yet how I feel for her is real.

She means a lot to me and nobody on God’s earth matters to me like she does.

My parents matter to me and she matters to me vary similarly.

When I read a false rumor that she died I about took a depression caused breakdown.

It just bothered me that much,yet God sees her so hopefully she is still alive.

At least I hope that she is still alive.

Alright this post is done,it is finished,enough typed..

Depression Is Real,Yet It Is A Learning Experience

Depression has taught me that

life can sadden you and even madness at times is sadness masked.

At times we are sad and get mad to not get hurt.

It is human nature to hide our feelings

because feelings are fragile and bound to get hurt.


Depression has taught me that

if you neglect what you love too much too often

you will grieve it’s presence because you experience it’s absense.

What we experience does affect what we feel

whether we like or whether we hate to admit that or not.