The Sun Is More Enjoyable Than Society Is

Seriously think about it,think about it for a bit:

What would life be like without our day light called The Sun?

Very boring and very dark.

Crops wouldn’t grow without it,because crops do require light.

You can grow stuff inside,yet in the sun it is special.

I always liked the sun and it was one of my fascinations as a child.

It interested more than life itself really.

I could look at it and not get bored,yet my eyes would get irritated though.

I do like light a lot and possibly more than most people,literally.

I used to collect lights as a child,it was a hobby of mine.

Whether they be sun shaped,moon shaped or whatever,I got it.

I seriously would not go back and undo my love of light,

yet what I would undo if I could go back is how much that I would stare at the sun directly.

That right there in itself could have hurt my eyes greatly,yet with God all things are possible

even undoing the damage that I might have done to them by doing that.