Glutamate = Schizophrenia Cure

I researched and researched about schizophrenia till my head hurt because I want to cure my self of schizophrenia which means split mind.

Schizophrenia =

skhizein:to split + phren:mind

So schizophrenia is a splitting of the mind.

In truth schizophrenia is a neurotransmitter expression imbalance in the brain.If you have too much glutamate you can have seizures,yet too little glutamate you can have psychosis.Psychosis means inflammation of the psyche.Still to me considering that I have ate foods with too little glutamate.In doing so, I have lowered my glutamate levels too much.

There is no wrong in believing in God,yet even in ancient times when Jesus walked the earth;he did cure mad people which are mentally ill people.I am relieved that schizophrenia now is something that I can fix myself.It should be simple,not complex.

So I have looked up foods that have high levels of Glutamate and they are tomatoes,corn and mushrooms.So I plan to eat them in a salad from now on.That will add years to my life too.

Another thing is this:When your brain produces too much serotonin and not enough glutamate; then you have a chemical imbalance in the brain. So eating foods high in glutamate fixes the issue in the brain. Good luck to everyone struggling with this too.