Is The Big Bang Theory based on The Chaos Theory of Greek Mythology?

I did some research and you can too.

Just go and look up the Chaos origin of everything in Greek Mythology

and the story goes that everything was squeezed into a tight point

and then erupted and everything was.

That sounds very similar to the Big Bang Theory to me.

They may be the same story.

Chaos is just how the Greeks viewed the origin of us all.

To me Greeks Atheists may be today’s Scientific Atheists.


Constantine Worshipped Sol Invictus Mithra

This is very true.

Mithra was also referred to as Sol Invictus Mithra.

Mithra was the Roman sun god.

This practice was actually passed down from Arabia.

The Arabians also worshipped Mithra too.

Mithra was then altered in Rome to be Sol Invictus Mithra.

Christmas means Christ Dismissal

and the Romans wanted to so badly used Christianity as a stronghold on everyone.

Thank Goodness for the Internet for it in itself exposes Rome?

Rome’s hypocrisy has gone on long enough.

Before Christmas was Christmas it was Saturnalia.

Christmas was just Rome’s way of maintaining their fake Christian identity.

Identity as in their way,Rome’s way to identify with Christians

without the need to be Christian which is seriously deception.