It Is Biblical To Have Long Hair

I know all about Paul,the supposed apostle saying

It is shameful for man to have long hair,

yet he was involved badly with his own daughter.

Another thing Samson had long hair

and that was his source of strength.

The whole clean shaven and short haired look is outdated and overrated

and I done with it.

Being raised by my dad to have short hair annoyed me.

I had my hair cut short from a young age till I was 15

then I chose to break that tradition to pieces and rebel.

Enough with being like my dad which I never was.

He liked my hair short,yet I hated it

because everyone that knew him compared me to him.

I saw it as a shame to be like my dad at all

because he enjoyed everyone comparing me to him.

So I quit going to ball games with him

and I quit going to fish with him.

These days my hair is long,yet I want it long

and I would rather be compared to Billy the Kid than my dad anyday.


I Am Anything But An Open Book

I am a musician.

I am a singer.

I am a songwriter.

I am a artist.

I am a poet.

I am many other things,yet never an open book.

I am also not a doormat or a pushover either.

If you try to run over me then we’re done.

If you try to push me over then you’re gonna feel me fight back.

I am just like that and that is perfectly fine and perfectly right.

Nobody is gonna define me or label me.

All because I’m from a small town does not give you leeway

to define me or to label me.

I am my own man and what I am is what I am.

I never was just a Christian artist either.

People thought that about me

when all that I wrote was Christian songs

and that only lasted for two years between 2003-2005

and I was done with it and I went back to writing Country songs

and I have not went back since and that was nearly a decade ago.

I still write Christian songs once in a while fora craft sake

and also because I am a Christian,yet that is it,that, is is not all that I am.

If I put all that I am is a Christian then I would be a blatant liar,

yet I am not lying so I am not doing wrong here.

That is what people expect when you write Christian Worship songs for them

and they are Youth Pastors and the whole Youth thing ran thin on me

and I nearly went crazy and insane because of it,yet thank God I saw through it.