Paul Taught That He Was The Father Of Us Through The Gospel

God is our Heavenly Father,not Paul.

Paul considered himself people’s father,

yet only God can be that.

Here is the Bible verse where Paul a.k.a. Saul

said this:

1 Corinthians 4:15

Even if you should have countless guides to Christ,

yet you do not have many fathers,

for I became your father in Christ Jesus through the Gospel.

The instant that I read this,something did not seem right.

Do not get me wrong,I am not a Bible basher,

yet what Paul said is along the lines of

I am your father and no one else.

This is like saying nobody can be people’s father but me

Still God is our Father and that will not change.

Not for Paul or anybody in the history of the earth.

It grieves me to read those words from Paul

because Paul tries to get God out of the picture.

I love God so much and to read this it just upsets me.


It is not hopeless

The devil is definitely trying

to steal my chances,

to kill my motivation

to destroy my faith,

yet he has not beat me.


I am still here

and the devil if God lets me

I will whack him in the head with a baseball bat

and give him a ko for causing so many people problems

and I know that the devil is the source of all problems.


Another thing is this:

Rejection does not deter me,yet motivates me

and if matters not if it happens continually

the rejection is like fuel

and the devil and the world will lose soon.


I am gonna discover how to end all diseases

and not the devil nor the world will stop me

and I will overcome it all

and I am gonna stop being successful

and you advertisements and commercials can move on.

Murphy’s Law Is Believing In The Wrong Direction

There is no faith in Murphy’s Law at all.

All that Murphy’s Law does is set our attention on ruin.

If not that Murphy’s Law does set our attention on ruin is inevitable.

It is not inevitable,yet this is the way of the world.

Science excludes God because if it did not

then Science would require repentance

and if Science required repentance

then this world would probably flee because they would be wrong.

Murphy’s Law is this “What can go wrong will go wrong”

and this law seems to be based on fear not faith.

If Murphy’s Law is based on fear

then that explains the paranoid viewpoint

that disaster will happen and we might as well accept it,

yet that is not faith at all.

Faith makes us well and whole and Faith moves mountains and trees.

Faith seems like it does the impossible,yet Faith is based in the unseen.

The Unseen Things are Eternal.

The Eternal is what lasts forever and God remains forever.

Here is my rant for this day

I hate to break it to the users

Yet you can go off

Lose it

You can go off

Because I don’t give a damn

Oh yes

That’s the way I am;


I will never love a foreign woman

Nope that will never be

And if that bothers you

Then you can move on

And get over yourself

You are just flesh and blood like everybody else

And I let you go and that is what you know;


I could care less what you do

Run around or dance too

You could ever jump over the moon

And I would not give a damn

It is true

Because you were in the way

And I never wanted you yo stay;


You just need to accept it

Because you do not have me

And you never will

Do you see

And I hate how you

Got in between me and her

If I could hurt you and get away with it

I’d hurt you with more than words

Then I’d be gone

From now on and on and on;


Oh and that is how it has got to be

Because I am gonna be so free;