The Temptations and The Tribulations of This Life

For starters when things get worse satan will do his best to ruin us

whether it be through us or to us if we let him.

Faith is seeing past every disaster to our Maker who can turn every thing around,

yet we must get our logic gnosis out of the way.

God can fix and restore anything that is broken,hurt,torn and lost.

Lets examine what the body is made of:

The Body is A Form of Energy just like everything else in the Universe.

The Body is Energy that is atoms that make cells

and cells that make organs and more

and organs and more that make us us.

Anything that is wrong with you at all God can make right.

He has no limits or obstacles to doing it.

He does expect us to have faith in Him

and without faith we cannot please Him.

Faith is necessary please God for one specific reason to me

and that is look beyond our current reality to Him

who made it all and can change it all as easily as He made it all.

The senses can only show us what is now here,yet what is in the world now

is not all that God can make so.

Our senses are limited to the current reality,

yet by God and by our actions more can be and will be too.

Our minds can imagine stuff,yet we need faith to change the reality we have.

Reality is to me a code so let’s break it up:

Re-:repeat again




-it:fact or situation


-y:the fullness and the quality of


To repeat again the fullness and the quality of everything fact or situation.


Living by the word reality is not living by faith really.

Reality means to repeat what all is the case,

yet that is not the way we should live.


To me reality is a constraint of the creation by God

and it is a part of God’s will for us to be full of joy and well.


It is also a part of God’s will

that the seen be temporal lest we put it in the Kingdom of God.


In life everything is occurrence of energy

no matter the fashion or the thing.

Thank goodness that energy is in God

and that God needs nothing to fix anything.





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