Feelings Exist In Us Yet They Do Not Always Start With Us

A feeling is a event in the heart that affects us literally. To trust it every time is to then be ignorant and stupid that it is not the total truth. To let your mind be lead solely by the heart ain’t always wise when hearing others. To know your true feelings,get alone in a room and just meditate from there. You should see places around you,not just your surroundings. Your feelings will indicate what you truly want,not passing feelings that come and leave. Your feelings will show you whether you are on track or off track to achieving your goals. Either way go to your heart and meditate,not the heart in your chest,yet the heart field which permeates you as it is you for it is you and affects you everyday and to deny this is to deny reality which none can do and avoid being delusional because to do so is delusional. The real reality is your true feelings show you you in the most honest and the most real way. To be happy,yet be on guard to not let what others say always affect your heart because then your heart will be in curiosity mode and not honesty mode,yet sometimes they are one and the same, yet they are not always one and the same.

The thing about feelings is this,some of them are not purely feelings,

yet have memories connected to them,so to realize this is a step forward towards liberation

otherwise you take a step backward towards manipulation.

Either way the choice is yours and the reality of it all I would akin to a wilderness

where things come and leave all the time so it is best to not leave your heart field unmonitored.

Everything affects us for everything is a choice and everything is a energy

and reality is built up by the both of them.

I am not a fan of living by my feelings for that is where relationships usually fall apart

although I am not referring to your twin flame/twin soul connection,

let that be for without it you’re incomplete and the world needs to let it be or it will never improve ever.