Six And Thirteen Are Not Evil Nor Should They Be Viewed As Evil

Society has distorted the meanings of words

beyond a reasonable length which is really ridiculous.

Another thing Six is not the Number of Man,

yet it is the Number of God’s Last Day of Work.

Yes,it belongs to God just like the Number Seven does,

yet humans often forget that,yet we can use numbers,

yet God decided to use numbers first so numbers begin with God

and whoever says otherwise is acting like a fool and they shouldn’t be.

On with the supposed Number 13 being related to evil theory!Ignore it.

Thirteen is actually a good number.

Thirteen is a Number of Blessing.

Jesus and his Twelve Apostles make up the number 13.

Two Octaves are Thirteen Notes.

In all honesty when you connect the 1 with the 3 you get the letter be.

My birthday adds up to the Number 13(5+8=13).

God placed me on this earth when He did

and 5-8 is when my birthday is

even though the doctor told my mother

it was supposed to have been 4-26 or 4-27.

Still God had the final say and not mortal people.

Which in my opinion is a good.


We Each Have A Twin Soul And This Twin Soul Was One With Us Before Time Began

There is no reason to hate the notion of it.

It is what it is,my philosophy is not based on ideologies or religions alone.

I read everything,just think about it.

Yes even the occult and the paranormal

because religion alone never satisfied me enough.

I had to do it because some answers I did not find in any book,

some answers I found by digging through pages,

questioning religion at it’s roots,every religion really.

Back to the topic at hand:Twin Souls

We each have a twin soul,like it or hate it,yet get over you ego traps,

you are your own issue in your own way.

Didn’t the Bible itself say that

a man will leave his parents and cleave to his wife

and they will become one flesh?Yes.

To literally make that happen,there can no longer be two people.

This is where the Twin Souls concept steps in.

Now this won’t happen any time soon.

In fact it is hard to tell if it will ever happen at all,

yet the only way this can fit reality is

if it means two persons becoming one person.

In the Gnostic Gospels it goes one step further:

When the male and the female become one

then they’ll enter the Kingdom.

Yes,it does say that.

To me religion never satisfied because of Paul’s needless want to degrade women.

Adam was both male and female.

Adam begat Seth.

Yes,you read that right Adam begat Seth.

So quit putting this down and accept it all and repent.