Misery And Ecstasy

Aggravation leads to Tension

and Tension leads to Apprehension

and this cycle gets more and more vicious

unless you cease your cares

and if your cares are hard to handle

than let God have them

and let God fix your cares because He can

and there is nothing that can stop Him from healing your failures

and restoring your chances back to the starting point.


Going After Your Deepest Desires Is The Best

I realize something and that is this:

If you are not doing what you enjoy

then you are not enjoying your life


Life should be fun not ugh

because if is something is ugh then let it go.


Every time I get a icky feeling

and I am feeling it enter me

I can connect the dots and realize the reason of it

and it is necessary to let go of the aggravation.


Another thing is this:

If you do what you enjoy

and it is just and it is right

and you desire to do it then do it

and if others fall asleep on you or leave you

let them do it and keep on being you

because there is no pleasure in solely pleasing others.


The subconscious is so good

and to let this old world mar it or pollute it

is not just a injustice to us,

yet a also a stumbling block to us.


Contemplating Everything

I know these days after dwelling on the passages of the Bible

and after acknowledging that they do apply to me too

that there is hope for us all even me.

I was discouraged,yet I see hope for us all.

I was discouraged,yet I see improvement for us all.

I realize that complaining helps nothing for it requires

no focus on God and without focus on God

even our careers seem hopeless especially our health.

I was studying the writings of Paul in Corinthians

and his works are a compilation of wisdom.

God desires for us to prosper as our soul prospers

so forth our prosperity is God’s will for us.

It is actually Biblical to admit that our prosperity is God’s will

because it is so written therein

and if we would acknowledge that God desires us to prosper

both in our souls and in our lives

we could look to God when we’re down

without a need to gripe or a need to whine.

I realize more as of this time.

Earlier my focus was too on the world and not on the God.

The God that made me so He can help me.

I am done with focusing on the world

because the created cannot alter a thing,

yet the Creator can alter any thing,especially our issues.

The Way To A Clear Conscience

In order to have a clear conscience

You must seek what is pleasant,

Yet it must be what is right

And it must be what is worthy;


What is worthy of your attention?

What is worthy of your mental attendance?

God is worthy of it

And so are your dreams;


What is not worthy of your attention?

What is not worthy of your mental attendance?

Satan and his angels and their works

And so is those things that are in the world that mar your train of thought;


What good is a mind if it be marred?

What good is a mind if it be disturbed?

It is fogged by the world.

It is polluted by the world;


A Clear Conscience leads to A Sane Mind

A Sane Mind leads to A Stable Life

A Stable Life leads to A Productive Life

A Productive Life leads to A Successful Life;


So be you

And dwell on what justifies you and what pleases you;


So be you

And do what liberates you and what satisfies you;


There is no joy in a miserable soul,

yet in a inspired soul the world can be changed for the better;


To be dwelling on stupidity makes you stupid,

yet to be dwelling on maturity makes you mature

And being mature has zero to do with age,

yet how much you improve as a person

you think clearer,

you reach higher,

you achieve greater

and you become nobler along the way

and nothing is totally out of reach

yet you must seek it and when you find it

you should apply it to what you do and be a greater you;


The Faithman Club and The Peacemakers Club

I had started this club back in 2004.

My high school never wanted me to start a club.

They thought that I was childish,yet my goal for it

was beyond the school,yet they fought me on it.

It originally went by another name,yet I changed the name of it

I was a born again Christian,

yet this was not the first time for me.

I was first born again as a child,yet reborn again as a teen.

I had fallen and lost my way and came back and repented.

I am not perfect and no person is perfect.

Still at the time the website got over 500 guest book signings

so it was a success for sure considering not many people knew me.

Regardless of being on the internet since 1999 I was a unknown.

I built my first website when I was 12 years old.

I was very young.

Still about the club,it was a Christian one.

I started the club and the website all on my own.

Through the years I have had various blogs and various websites.

This blog is my most successful,

yet to me that website was my most successful.

I know what it takes to build a club and a website from scratch.

However the JavaScript part is the hardest part to do.

The text is not too difficult to do.

It is easier to copy a JavaScript code that was already made

than it is to create your own JavaScript code from scratch.

I still like work on that one because I am not a genius at it.

I am not gonna stop wanting to get good at making JavaScript codes.

I treat this matter as I do playing,singing and songwriting

because I want to master the art of doing all four.

I never cease to explore and try new things

unless it clashes with my perspective and my preferences

then I’ll let it die.