The Strange Theories Of The Supposed Death of James Paul McCartney

Years back after discovering the Elvis Never Died theory

I came across the Paul McCartney Died In 1966 theory.

At the time I found the rumor totally bizarre,

yet not the Elvis one considering how they misspelled his middle name,

still I look into the theory like a child does for history class,

very intensely researching for hours,

dealing with disturbances of the mind that I did overcome,

dealing with stress to give up,yet I never did give up actually

even though I took weeks off from research I went back when my mind was more stable.

About the Elvis Presley Is Still Alive theory,

according to it Elvis Presley had fought the law enforcement system,

yet because it was corrupt they let evil people hurt people

so he quit working for the DEA and after years of fighting the MAFIA

they wanted him dead,so he planned his death and hired a imitator

that he knew was gonna do so he had planned it out

and changed his name to John Burrows,

the peculiar part of it all is that Elvis Presley signed his own death certificate

which no dead person can possibly do if they are actually dead,

so he may indeed be alive in California right now under this name.

If that is so I would like to meet him in person and he looks and sounds a lot like him too.


Now let’s go back to the theories about the supposed death of

James Paul McCartney and there are more than one actually.

Paul could not have died in all three England,France and Africa.

That would be impossible.


The theory about him dying in Africa

or seeming to have died in Africa was based on him being

very sick in the hospital in  Africa,

yet they came back to England,

so does this prove at all that he did in fact die?No


So did he die in England?

And did he die after getting mad in Abbey Road Studio

and drove off in a rage after picking up a girl

some may call Rita and after her distracting him

and she supposedly did this with the radio,

yet she could not find his songs

so after a while he crashed into a pole and lost his head,

yet did this really happen?

According to the Beatles Press Officer

when he phone called Paul,he did answer

and he let him know that his car did not leave his garage.

So there goes that theory.


So did die in France?

And did he walk aimlessly on a hill

without a wallet or anything else

and got picked up and dropped and fell from the plane

somewhere else in France?

This theory is still left open

because frankly I have not found enough proof

to actually close this theory as a hoax,

yet the other two probably are.





Global Warming = New World Order

I am like this about Global Warming,it’s ridiculous.

NASA promotes Global Warming because they are related to the Nazis.

Yes,research and look up a video about NASA NAZIS on YouTube.

I also am against it because even the creator of The Weather Channel admits

Scientists know that the earth does not cool or warm because of us.

This is how the Sun does the Earth.

Now you ask how is this related to initiating the New World Order?

It is very simple,to force people to accept CO2 is bad,

still it is good for trees and trees are made of 90% CO2.

Also CO2 is good for crops too

so I guess gassing off is great for the earth after all.

Mystery Babylon Is Vatican Rome

I am gonna get right to the point

and show you why what Revelation 17 mentions

is about Vatican Rome and no other place.

Now let’s look at Revelation 17

and you’ll soon never see that chapter the same way again.


Revelation 17:1

And there came one of the seven angels,

which had the seven vials,

and talked with me saying,

Come here;

I will you the judgment of the great whore

that sits on many waters.

Revelation 17:15

And he said to me,

The waters which you saw,

where the whore sits,

are people,and multitudes,

and nations,and tongues.


So then,I got raise the question:

Is the water that the great whore sits on actual waters?

No,it is just a metaphor for it’s ruler ship over

peoples,multitudes,nations and tongues.


Now,let’s see just who the great whore is shall we:

Revelation 17:18

And the woman that you saw is that great city,

which reigns over the kings of the earth.


So then I got to raise the question:

Is the woman a.k.a. the great whore

a actual woman or a actual whore?

No,this thing is neither a woman or a whore,

yet just a city as any anywhere really,

yet this city is like a whore and it great

because a lot of people do occupy it.


Now let’s see just what the seven heads and the ten horns

of the beast of that the city sits on really is shall we:

Revelation 17:9

And here is the mind that has wisdom.

The seven heads are the seven mountains,

on which the woman sits.

Revelation 17:12

And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings,

which have received no kingdom as yet;

but receive power one hour with the beast.

Revelation 12:13

These have one mind,

and shall give their power and strength to beast.


As you tell those seven heads are really seven mountains

and those ten horns and ten kings,

yet they think as one give their power and strength to the beast.


Now let’s see exactly what the beast really is:

Revelation 13:1-2

And I stood on the sand of the sea,

and saw a beast rise up out of the water,

having seven heads and ten horns,

and his ten horns ten crowns,

and on his heads the names of blasphemy.

And the beast that I saw was like to a leopard,

and his feet were like that of a bear,

and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:

and the dragon gave him,

his power,and his seat,and his authority.

Revelation 13:18

Here is wisdom.

Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast:

for it is the number of a man,

and his number is Six hundred three score and six.


As you can tell the word beast is just describing his ways

and that he is a servant of the dragon which is satan,

yet he is like Nebuchadnezzar

because he demands people serve him or die

and the beast is just a dictator like Hitler

when you realize that

the devil gave him his power,and his seat and his authority.

These things the devil stole from Adam by the way.

The Dollar Bill Needs Altered

Here is my point on why it needs altered.

The whole seal of it is Masonic in origin.

The whole seal of it maybe Illuminati in origin

considering that the French gave us the Statue of Liberty.

Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum means

He approved our undertakings The New Order of The Secular.

What does Secular mean?The World

So basically the dollar is about the world and not The Lord.

In fact you can research The All Seeing Eye

and most if not every time The Eye of Horus appears.

It ironic too that if you connect the Hexagram on the back

you find the Letters that form MASON on it,plain as day,yet hidden.

If you look at the letters a certain way you get AOMNS

which is the Ancient Order of the a Mystic a Noble Shrine

which ironically takes you to the Shriners,another secret society,

in fact if you do your research well enough

even Roy Rogers was a Shriner.

Yes,this is the same people

where you get Shriners that helps burn victims,

yet they are a secret society as well.

The symbol that the have is a head with a sword.

The same symbol is on a hat that has ABDALLAH on it at the top.

ABDALLAH means servant of Allah.

So that makes Shriners Muslims don’t it?It seems to be so.

In fact you must serve in order to be a Muslim

so then there is no point for true Christians even joining them.

Another thing that Shriners are is Freemasons with another name.

Yes,they are the same as Freemasons except with a different look and name.

Yes,it is bizarre,I know,yet I am a researcher so it comes with doing it.

The world is filled with bizarre stuff and I have seen and heard a lot of it.

I deal with it all to the best of my abilities,yet I do not research everyday.

I do research occasionally because I like to discover new things.