Looking beyond the seen to expect what the Bible offers us all

Faith is the evidence of things not seen and those things are eternal
and Faith comes by hearing also to me thus is not just about
physical hearing with your ears,yet spiritual hearing with your heart.
In the Faith Realm all things are possible.
We just have to look beyond the physical to reach it.
The physical realm that our senses experience are not all that is there for us.
We have the spiritual realm
that our spirit can reach and experience as long as we want to.
Our body is weak because of the senses and thank God for our senses.
Our senses are not terrible because they do benefit us in every day life,
yet when we are hurting or suffering in any way
our senses are not the perfect guides because they lead us to doubt.
Faith is not where doubt is nor where fear is because they are far from God
not that we’re far from God,yet that whenever we rely on our senses
our focus goes off our Creator to our disaster no matter what it is.
The sad part is that God can change and can fix our lives,
yet must take our minds off our our senses gnosis and put it on our faith gnosis and many times our focus is not on The Lord,yet on the world and we still have problems.
That is right there is such a thing as faith gnosis
and faith gnosis is gnosis a.k.a. knowledge that we get by faith.
The most important faith that we can get is by listening to God
then we must do what He tells because what He tells us is better than what others do.
God will never let you down and His knowledge supersedes all forms of it ever.
God is able to change and to fix anything and everything for us through faith gnosis.


2 thoughts on “Looking beyond the seen to expect what the Bible offers us all

  1. I just would like to add that because the word “God” has different meanings to different people what we understand as message from God can be also confused.
    For some people as in the Old Testament, “God” is jealous and judgmental, so he’s going to punish or reward us so of course we’d get judgmental messages from such a God and feel guilt, shame, blame and even desire to punish or to curse others.
    My perception of God, which is in my opinion Jesus heavenly father, unconditional love, non-judgmental etc. will lso determine when the messages come from “that God”
    If I condemn someone, this is not from my God, all thoughts of unconditional love and forgiveness are inspired by God, because God is pure love, my God is Pure love, not one that have mood swings or that threat with punishment like the one in the Old Testament as clerly shown in my article “What Bible Based Religions Don’t Want You To Read…”
    When we have well defined “who is our God” we know when the messages come from her/him.


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