Paul Taught That He Was The Father Of Us Through The Gospel

God is our Heavenly Father,not Paul.

Paul considered himself people’s father,

yet only God can be that.

Here is the Bible verse where Paul a.k.a. Saul

said this:

1 Corinthians 4:15

Even if you should have countless guides to Christ,

yet you do not have many fathers,

for I became your father in Christ Jesus through the Gospel.

The instant that I read this,something did not seem right.

Do not get me wrong,I am not a Bible basher,

yet what Paul said is along the lines of

I am your father and no one else.

This is like saying nobody can be people’s father but me

Still God is our Father and that will not change.

Not for Paul or anybody in the history of the earth.

It grieves me to read those words from Paul

because Paul tries to get God out of the picture.

I love God so much and to read this it just upsets me.

Disillusioned To Webcams

I have heard and I have seen a lot.

Women are just not true on them.

If you try to chat on most of them there is zero communication back.

It is like a pay her and watch her,yet she ignores you nonstop.

There is no goodness in webcams.

It is like these so called models hate their viewers or something.

Most,if not all of them refuse to date anybody.

I am not after women on any,yet from my experience they’re harsh.

I have learned my lesson well and that is this real women are responsive.

I am not saying they are not real because they do not exist,they do,

yet communication is none back so there really chatting going on.

I refuse to call their cams a chat cam because they’re ignorant of you.

The reason that the Catholic Headquarters is called Vatican

It may surprise you,yet here goes and be prepared for shock.

Vatican originates from Vaticanus or Vagitanus

and this deity is said to preside over that hill which is bizarre.

They are not referring to God,yet to Vaticanus.

What on this earth were the Romans thinking?

What was the purpose to be pagan and pretend to be Christian?

I tell you why they did it in two words:Control and Money

By those two alone they can do a lot and they have gained a lot too.

Although that their effects on me are fading fast and quickly going.

I see through the Vatican come on and the whole Mystery Babylon come on.

I see through it all and I can understand

why the Christians hated the Romans so much.

Vatican,Rome is Mystery Babylon.

Enough is Enough.

May this set all of you foolish and gullible people free from their lies.

The Facts about The Pope,Santa Clause and Christmas

This is a very strong post that is honest and to the point

and here is my warning to you:

If you do read this post all the way through

you will find the facts about each of those three things,

yet you will not be the same after reading them

unless them you chose to ignore what is plain before your eyes


The Pope exists because of Constantine(The First Pope)

and this may come as a shock to you,

yet he is also not just referred to as the Pope,

yet he is also referred to as Vicar Christi

and unless you have not known it’s meaning

well here it is

Vicar means Replacer of

Christi means Christ

Vicar Christi then means Replacer of Christ

That is not all that is wrong with the Pope even existing.

This is sadly what Constantine wanted to happen.

Constantine was in fact the first to used Vicar Christi as a title.

Constanstine not only did that,yet establish himself as Holy Father,

which no human on earth is,yet only God Himself is

and I have proof of that by this one Bible verse:


John 17:11


I am no longer in the world,yet they are in the world,

and I am coming to you.

Holy Father,protect them by your name,the name that you gave me,

so that they may be as one,as we are one.


As you see right there,God is who is supposed to be viewed as Holy Father

not some man in Rome trying to impose on Our Father’s time.

As you can tell by that Bible verse alone

God’s name and God’s son’s name are the same:Jesus.

They are one,yet they are not the same,big difference.


Now onto Santa Clause.

What does Santa Clause actually mean?

You probably will be surprised when I show you.

Santa means St Nicholas

Clause means Shut and Close

So then what does Santa Clause really mean?

Santa Clauses means to shut and close St Nicholas

basically get rid of him,he does not matter anymore.

This is the Catholic’s doing,

yet whateverbecause Rome cannot get away with these wrongs forever.


Now onto one of the biggest atrocities done by the Catholics.

What does Christmas mean?

Is it good?

No,not at all.yet it is better to know what is true than what is false.

So here goes.

Christ:Christ & Mass



So then what does Christmas really mean?

It means Christ is dismissed,

well Christ is dismissed to Catholics that is

and they are far from saved and so are we be celebrating a atrocity.

Even saying Christmas is like saying Christ you don’t matter.

So what should we rename Christmas then

so that Christ is appreciated.

Maybe we should call December 25 Christ Dai meaning The Day of Christ.

Along with that do away with the Yule Log deception based on sacrifices to Yule.