Does Jesus’s message and viewpoint and Paul’s message and viewpoint agree or conflict when about death?Well let’s read and find out for real folks

You tell me what you think about this right here right now:

Jesus’s Message and Jesus’s Viewpoint

24Martha said to him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

25Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

26And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.
Believe you this?
27She said to him, Yes, Lord: I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.
(Jesus taught that if you live and believe in him,you will never die.)


Paul’s Message and Paul’s Viewpoint

Hebrews 9:27
And as it is appointed to men once to die, but after this the judgment:
(Paul taught that we have to die once.)




Are they agreeing or conflicting?
It seems to me that their messages and their viewpoints are at odds,yet why?
Maybe it is because Paul is refusing to believe what Jesus plainly taught back then.
Maybe he was after starting his own theology,contrary to that of Jesus Christ.
You tell me what you think of it.
When you said he that lives and believe in me will never die.He meant never die.
How did Paul miss that or did he ever know that at all or was he ever told of it.
Maybe he was against it so he tried to impose his viewpoint on others about dying once.
This message and this viewpoint is certainly not Jesus’s message and Jesus’s viewpoint
or else he would have spoken about it,
yet he spoken of by living and believing in him we will never die.

It is time to wake up and rethink the Jesus teaching and Paul teaching agreement
because to me they really do not agree much at all.


Foolish people assume that they know everything even the End of Time,yet only God knows when that will be,not us

Many foolish people assume that they know the end from the beginning

and they try to know what God knows in the process.

God alone knows the beginning from the end

and the end from the beginning and trusting in prophets does not guarantee a thing really.

If you try to predict the future,you are trying to be a prophet.

If you want to know the future then ask God,not man.

God knows everything while we know something’s.

God has no limits for He can see everything altogether.

We should stop trying to predict and ask the Creator and the Revealer of all things.

God knows everything even the next day.

The Craziness of People who want you when you want someone else

I hate dealing with foreign women and local women that I do not want

even though local women seem to understand more.

I like conversations a lot,yet I am not random women besides I already love somebody else.

Anyways,how fair would it be to her if I lied about it since I told people already and loved another.

No,it is a wrong choice to leave her for another woman!It ain’t happening ever!


The World of Chords

There are dyads,triads,quadrads,pentrads and even more forms of chords that one can form.

According to Music Theory that college professors teach,

there are no Dyad Chords,yet in the Real World,the Dyad Chords exist.

It amazes me how the education system thrives on keeping people stupid and for what purpose really?

Modes and Scales can only go so far then they break down into chords,intervals and so forth.

It is like you have licorice and eventually after pulling it,the licorice breaks into pieces.

When applying this to music it could be either chords or intervals.

Dyads are also Intervals,yet so what,why does it even matter anyways?

Anyways,a musician would not play a song with intervals,that would seem ridiculous and wrong.

Songs have chords,even on the guitar and the piano both that may require Dyadic Chords.

Peter Spencer and Barbara A. Bennett’s book A Practice of Harmony that my college requires

does not have all musical knowledge in it,otherwise dyads and even quadrads would be in it too.

Whenever you go to college and you have to do theory class to get a degree in music,

do not believe that that book has all the answers,because it does not and whoever made it was partially ignorant of some things.

In a Realm of Regrets

I do miss how things were a decade ago

when McDonalds had a train and a slide near it

and not much traffic went near it.

Those were good times.

I do miss when God and prayer with God were of paramount importance.

I do miss the days when movies affected us and touched us in the right ways.

I do miss buying Texas Gold Cherry Cordial Ice Cream at Kroger when it was in my area,yet now it is not.

Those were the days before Walmart came to my area,yet why did the things I enjoyed then had to go also.

Lonestar’s song 1997 song “Everything’s Changed” really hits home for me.

I do miss going to the trout pond that I did as a child,yet it was closed down.

I miss channel surfing and see the Dukes of Hazzard on The Nashville Network when things were that way.

I miss the days when CMT clung to it’s roots and showed the old stuff very frequently.

These were the days before WCW was gone for good.

These were the days when Country Music was about the Cowboy Hat and the Cowboy Boots.

These were the days when gramophones and telephones were a regular in most people’s life.

Maybe someday they’ll come back again.

I am a Dreamer waiting for my dreams to come true

Laying down on my bed

Crying out the tears to ease to ease the pain inside me

Oh how I miss her

I am 27 years old right now

Years ago 

She was still around yet where is she now


Does she ever stay anywhere anymore

Or does she always walk out the door

Her memories remain even though her staying fades

Like the leaves of fall 

They just fall and go away

And oh how I wish she was still at home

Yet I was a teen back then and it wasn’t long


Sorrow fills my heart

Because she stays far away

I want her back home

I want her it stay

Faith and Sight

Faith is gonna be discussed here.

Many do not understand it because if they did understand it,they would not claim it’s trust alone.

When we live by “Faith” when must watching our “Hearing” because they are connected.

I will explain why hearing is how we get faith and about how and what we hear determines what we get.

These teachings on faith are from the Bible itself,not really my opinion.


Faith is important in order to please God,or else you can not please God at all.

It is a gift that we receive by hearing,so let’s get started,shall we:



So how do we get Faith to begin with?:

Romans 10:17

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


So Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

This is two types of hearing actually.

This is hearing itself and hearing by what Jesus said because he is the Word of God

and I will make sense of all of this later on,yet for right now let’s deal with

two everyday things that Jesus in fact preached about:”how we hear” and “what we hear.”


Jesus in fact asks us to be careful when doing them because they determine what we get and have in life.

When Jesus spoke on people not having,he was referring to the things that they heard daily.

So let’s read these two Bible verses:




Searching for my true self

Society wants us to conform to it’s standards,yet I am a non conformist.

I am trying to navigate this life to find who I am and what I like and how I want to live my life also.

I used to sing my own way and I hated how I sounded so I tried to craft my sound to satisfy me and so far it has worked.

I always viewed others singing as more cooler than mine,yet I am trying to develop a cool singing style of my own.

I love to sing different artists songs,yet I do not want to be remembered as the Imitator who tried to be the singers,that would be wrong.

I would feel guilty for maybe accidentally looking like I was trying to steal their spotlight and that never was nor is a goal of mine.

So I bought books on proper singing and it goes by the musical scale which is hard and does wear me out at times.

I struggle at times to stay at the high notes,yet I can reach them and hang with them for a while then I move onto low notes.

I want to be a good singer who uses my own singing rather than imitating others.

My musical heroes are good and various,yet I want to be known for being unique not cliche.

I never liked being compared to other men that lived near me.

I found it tacky and wrong.

I write my own songs and I try to sound good when I sing them,yet at times I struggle and I struggle much.

Maybe someday my singing will improve,it’ll be my own singing alone and I’ll stand out from the rest of the people and be good too.