I like to draw them

Then put the paint in

I do it ever so often

And I’ll do it again

It is fun to do

When I got the time

Going from line to line

I know that it needs to look good

And I hope that’s understood

So much to do

So little time

To express myself

To free my mind

And after all is said and done

It is good to look back

Years from now

At what occurred

With every turn


2015 Is Finally Here And We All Made It

I am so grateful to have just survived 2014.

To have accomplished just that is a achievement in and of itself.

This really is something.

This is the first time I posted on a Blog in January since 2004.

It is really hard to believe for me,yet I am doing it.

Back then I was using MSN’s Blog Creator when it was a website.

Things have changed so much since then.

Back then MySpace was big and FaceBook was just beginning.

GeoCities was on Yahoo and Launch on Yahoo was a music video zone.

It is something just reflecting on 11 years ago for the first time since 2005.

Back then I had a website and the link to it may still be workable.

Here it is:http://www.faithman5.tripod.com

I have a awesome time with y’all.


Happy New Year Everyone

and everyone remember to drive sober and stay alive.