3 Words that Society distorts

These words are what society uses against us when we love what we sense and perceive.I find society’s distortion’s amusing because society could do better than it does.

I could find more words that society twists,yet what is the point?There isn’t one.Here are 3 words that society has distorted to mean something other than what it truly means.Exaggerations if you ask me.We could tell someone drinking beer that they are addicted.We could tell someone into someone that they are infatuated.We could someone into objects that they are obsessed.We would be wrong.

Addiction means to go talk to.I find addiction to be a funny word.When you are so into a item they call it an addiction.What is comical is this,that is what makes us human.

Infatuation means to go into foolish.I find infatuation also comical because it has zero to do with loving some one too much yet rather it does means to go into mental insanity.

Obsession means to go to sit towards something.This has been used by society so much that it is irritating because this word is used to offend people out of stupid pride to make those happy miserable and what for?Only fools would do that.Obsession is what we all do.We go and sit towards the tv each day.Duh