The truth about us

I hate being lied to about what I already know.Others who come and try to deny the following are teaching lies.

Here is my poem on the Mystical:

Our thoughts are in our heads

Formed hopefully right

Good like the light

Our feelings are in our hearts

Where we feel

And how we can know what is real

Our emotions are in our Na’au

which is near the waist

In most every case

And to know these three are true

You can live at peace it’s true



Composed By
James Henry Shelton

There are bluejays that fly
And deer that run
Sheep that call for others to come
Dolphins that swim
Dogs that bark
And cats that meow
From where they start
And eagles that soar
On easy wind
They are nice to see
Again and again
Rabbits that move
Through the woods they see
And owls that go
To the top of trees
And bears that go
From place to place
And in between
So they can eat
And explore where they meet

Wherever We May Go

Wherever We May Go
Composed By
James Henry Shelton

Today is a moment
Which may pass like the stream
A still calm flow of water
Observed under
the hot suns heat
Angels watch over the many
That come and go through
The places of the world
Yet time is on your side
Wherever you may go
For God made us all
Like the grass that grows
And he observes us all
Wherever we may go

About the poem:
I completed this poem in 2011
so it is a older poem.