Murphy’s Law Is Believing In The Wrong Direction

There is no faith in Murphy’s Law at all.

All that Murphy’s Law does is set our attention on ruin.

If not that Murphy’s Law does set our attention on ruin is inevitable.

It is not inevitable,yet this is the way of the world.

Science excludes God because if it did not

then Science would require repentance

and if Science required repentance

then this world would probably flee because they would be wrong.

Murphy’s Law is this “What can go wrong will go wrong”

and this law seems to be based on fear not faith.

If Murphy’s Law is based on fear

then that explains the paranoid viewpoint

that disaster will happen and we might as well accept it,

yet that is not faith at all.

Faith makes us well and whole and Faith moves mountains and trees.

Faith seems like it does the impossible,yet Faith is based in the unseen.

The Unseen Things are Eternal.

The Eternal is what lasts forever and God remains forever.


This is how I view ADHD after reading about it

Horse Shit.

Some children are bored with school,

duh,it is created to dumb us down.

When I was a child I got bored,was distracted

and I did not try because goodness they were boring.

In all honesty as a child music,racing,sports and wrestling

were my true passions and in some way

they still are my passions today.

This world hates the real us

and conforming is what the fucking elite want.

If people everywhere knew they could work self-employed,

they’d quit their boss controlled job tomorrow.

ADHD is a label applied to children who are bored with

and get distracted,we all do.

Enthusiasm is what happens

when bam everything clicks and it all makes sense.

In College one professor argued with me over what I enjoy

and another professor called me controversial

because she could not control me at all.

She asked me who was my biggest influence

which I can not just narrow down to one person

so I wrote her a list of people and she got fuming mad

and I got very amused and I didn’t give a damn.

I hate the movie 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea,

it is weird.

I am me and I refuse to like what messes with my thinking

unless it helps me in all areas of my life.

I do not really believe in karmic punishment

In all honesty when God forgives you

anything that karma holds against you dissolves.

Karma is really for those who are not forgiven by God,

yet once you are forgiven by God then you have really no karma.

The Eastern religions miss Jesus because they write him off.

Jesus does exist.

Buddhists believe in Buddha and Hindus believe in Krishna.

People need to wake up

and realize all religions lead us in different directions.

Really and truthfully only Jesus religion is the best.

No one can go to our Father Abba except through Jesus.

There is not really any other way to be saved.

John 3:16 and John 11:26 are great

because if we believe in Jesus we will not die or perish.

By believing in Jesus we be sons of God.

By believing in Jesus sin is no longer worthy of us.

My View on Dharma and Karma

They really are eastern religions teachings.

I do not adhere to them really.

Dharma really when you get down

to its roots is what you should do.

Karma really when you get down

to its roots is the results of your choices.

I am not really into religion,

yet I do adhere to the teachings of Jesus.

Religion to me is a struggle for me to deal with.

I have studied almost every religion that exists

and in all honesty the religion with Jesus in it is the best.

Astrology Is False Garbage

It really is false garbage.

First off Astrology is man made

and degrades humans to the form of animals.

Second off Astrology teaches us to depend on

what stars tell us more than what God tells us

which is flawed logic.

When I think of Astrology,

I know that I am not a Aries,nor a Taurus

nor any of the signs.

After all they are just constellations a.k.a. star clusters.

Let me make it as clear as I can make it

“Relying on constellations is like

relying on Fairies and such is fantasy,both are really. ”

Plus there is no freedom for those

who depend on the ancient sham called astrology.

I am glad that I pulled the wool off of my eyes

so that I could see astrology for what it is

and that is deceptive fantasy

that tries to take the place of God in our lives.

Music never really does that

in that extreme like astrology does.

Astrologers try to take God’s place

and tell us our future and very often they are wrong.

Only God knows everything.

This case is closed.