Short Hair Is Outdated And Well Overrated

I mean what is the point of cutting hair

if it is just gonna grow out again.

I find that short hair is a young boys thing,

yet as you get older you want longer hair.

Society views men as having short hair,

yet this is a stereotype.

I am not fond of short hair on my self

because well I got so bored with it.

I mean I had short hair for years

and even at 20 I got my hair cut almost to shaven,

yet after that I was done with it.

I had done it since I was 7 and that was long enough.

It is like nursery rhymes as a child,

you listen to them,yet you grow out of them.

Anyways long hair is the most natural style for humans.

I mean hair was made to grow

and God made hair for that purpose

otherwise hair would not grow long

and hair does grow long.

I am done with the views of Saint Paul

whose views clash with the views of Jesus

in more places than one

and to even acknowledge that Jesus own apostles

refused to acknowledge Paul as a Apostle says a lot.

I am not knocking his vision,maybe he did see Jesus.

I know that it is possible to see spiritual matters

from the eyes of your spirit,yet sometimes people deceive

and see nothing,yet use deception to draw in many

and that honestly is what false healers do,

yet true healers can heal the sick and raise the dead.

True healers believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth

and because of it do many miracles also.