Loose Women

This is my response to how they are.
Do not read if you not into opinionated people.

They are like a trap
You step on it and off it goes
And they’re like a flushing commode
That never seems to stop
They seek trash that never stops

They’re sleazy as it gets
They give theirselves to you
If you wanted it
So keep away from them my friend
Or this hour may be your bed time to get them off of your mind

They are tramps
Who seek whatever moves like a water fall that seeks the water
They’ll seek you if you hollar
And if you have money they’ll want it for themselves to stop
And they won’t give a fuck if this was your end

Those damn women do not know what they gave
They would rather go around men that do them wrong
Then be men that will do them right all along
I have had it with them they’re no good
And they tempt you like quick sand,you step it and you’re trapped,
you gotta survive that
so you seek a way out of their cell
Set for you and others as well.


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