Dealing with the Self and the World

This is a fresh post.
It is healthier to get things out of the way that instigate stress
before they can spiral your life out of control.
I have been on both sides of the coin,healthy and frailthy.
Frailthy may be a new word,yet so what,it is what it is,it is a word anyways.

In this life we have lessons to learn and risks to take.
Nothing really is easy except going from rest and going to act.
To me there are two modes of existence rest/dream and act/event.
Everything happens for a reason,whether for better or for worser,it is.
To me there is:
a time to listen and a time to talk,
a time to learn and a time to teach
Both are two sides of existence and two sides of it all really

Dogma and Media to me have a place.
They teach us morals and that we have to look out for us.
I trust no one really,not even those who are related to me at all.
I trust nothing inside me or outside me.
I just deal with every body and every thing
moment by moment,day by day,week by week and year by year.
I reminisce the past,experience the present and contemplate the future.

To me there is no we without you and me and we equals us and them.
In society it is a us and them mentality that is formed.
We live on a planet where everyone really has different preferences and priorities.
I accept that and I just live with it.
Friends are made by agreeing to go with those two things and go endure it.
If your friend is like yourself then it is easier to endure it
and at times you may never have to endure anything and being around them
is like breathing in air,totally natural and there is no second thinking
because everything seems right and is right
and I am into analyzing and synthesizing things to make sense of things.

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