Jesus Was Resurrected On Today Not Easter

Jesus was resurrected on today
because he just was resurrected on today.
Don’t be fooled by what the world tells you.
The main reason to me that pagans
tried to remake the Sabbath on Sunday
was because they worship the Sun,
yet Jesus was not resurrected on Easter Sunday
nor is the Sabbath now or ever was on a Sunday.
Only a total moron would believe that.
Jesus told his disciples
that he would be in the heart of the earth
for three days and three nights
and you cannot fit three days and three nights
into the worldly view of Friday-Sunday
in the heart of the earth lie
that neither Jesus or his disciples would uphold.

Actually the weekdays according to the Bible are
Evening to Evening,
yet this world wants Midnight to Midnight.
Jesus was crucified on Wednesday Morning
and placed in a sepulcher on Wednesday Afternoon.
He was there from Wednesday Afternoon to Saturday Afternoon
which would be a total of three days and three nights.

Romans would punish anyone for having someone
buried on the Sabbath because Romans too studied Judaism.
Yes,they too studied Judaism.
It may come as a surprise to y’all,yet not me
because I research so much about so many things.

Actually Easter is based on Eostre a pagan Sun Goddess
who people in honor of her colored eggs
in sacrificed baby blood
and that is how we got the Easter egg coloring tradition,
baby sacrifice.
Look it up and you’ll see the I’m right.
Easter originates from the pagan Sun Goddess Eostre.

Be free everyone and celebrate Jesus resurrection on today
because it did occur on today a thousand and some years ago.


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