Today Is Memorial Day(Formerly Known As Decoration Day)

This day is very important to me
and it should be very important to you,
if you are an American like myself that is.

Years ago before this was known as Memorial Day,
setup as a holiday to pay tribute to anyone that has passed on,
it was a holiday setup just for the wounded soldiers
that fought for our country in the wars,
whether they be the Revolutionary War,
the Civil War,World War I,World War II
or the Vietnam War.

Still some do celebrate them even today.
Two of my ancestors was in two wars.
My ancestor William C. Long and the C. is short for Captain.
He was the Captain of the Revolutiobary Army
so remembering him is a big deal to me
because he fought to get us free
even when the monarchy lead Virginia Company
still owned Virginia and the colonies,
yet afterwards the 13 colonies were confederate and free.

Yes,I am very patriotic and I wouldn’t change a thing about it either.
It is American pride which is pride in America after all.


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