Wintertime Is Here

Oh the snow it comes

December has begun;


It is going by so fast

It is like a show that has jumped off the rails as well;


Wintertime Is Here

There is a peacefulness in the air

During this season we can make snow people out in the yard

Even as vehicles go by

Oh what a life;


We do not need reindeer or a flying sleigh

Just family and friends

To help us when they may

And as time goes by may they stay by our side

And may there be things for to do and not just a few;


Wintertime Is Here

I see no need for tears

Yet tears do fall

For us all because a soul needs free of the pain

As we’ll as the sorrow and the shame;


So let it snow

Let it snow;


While we do it all

May we remember the Greatest Gift of all

And He is God’s Only Begotten Son y’all

And may all of our dreams come true,yet help us be better people too;


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