Murphy’s Law Is Believing In The Wrong Direction

There is no faith in Murphy’s Law at all.

All that Murphy’s Law does is set our attention on ruin.

If not that Murphy’s Law does set our attention on ruin is inevitable.

It is not inevitable,yet this is the way of the world.

Science excludes God because if it did not

then Science would require repentance

and if Science required repentance

then this world would probably flee because they would be wrong.

Murphy’s Law is this “What can go wrong will go wrong”

and this law seems to be based on fear not faith.

If Murphy’s Law is based on fear

then that explains the paranoid viewpoint

that disaster will happen and we might as well accept it,

yet that is not faith at all.

Faith makes us well and whole and Faith moves mountains and trees.

Faith seems like it does the impossible,yet Faith is based in the unseen.

The Unseen Things are Eternal.

The Eternal is what lasts forever and God remains forever.


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