I do not really believe in karmic punishment

In all honesty when God forgives you

anything that karma holds against you dissolves.

Karma is really for those who are not forgiven by God,

yet once you are forgiven by God then you have really no karma.

The Eastern religions miss Jesus because they write him off.

Jesus does exist.

Buddhists believe in Buddha and Hindus believe in Krishna.

People need to wake up

and realize all religions lead us in different directions.

Really and truthfully only Jesus religion is the best.

No one can go to our Father Abba except through Jesus.

There is not really any other way to be saved.

John 3:16 and John 11:26 are great

because if we believe in Jesus we will not die or perish.

By believing in Jesus we be sons of God.

By believing in Jesus sin is no longer worthy of us.


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