The Mind Needs Guarded

The Mind needs guarded because it affects the heart and vice versa

and to leave it unguarded is like leaving a home unlocked and the door wide open

which is just begging for trouble

and in all honesty the devil wants to make of our lives,trouble.

In all honesty any vile spirit wants to make of our lives as well.

People to can have ill effects on our mind.

It is good to be on guard protecting every second

for one slip up could mean lunacy of the mind rather than sanity of the mind.

The Mind is a very fragile thing that may seem stabile to us at first,

yet when the wrong thing enters it at times the Mind can become burdensome and disturb us

making is susceptible to self destruction which the devil wants.

The devil does not just seek to do harm to us,yet also through us by us in us so keep him out of the Mind

by all means possible then anything and everything that you want to be can be

or else ill will may pervade it and negativity may be all that you say for he messes with your ways.


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