Fate Is Just A Word That Means To Speak

There really no such thing as fate when it comes to events.

Fate is just a manner of speaking.

I so hate how society takes words and distorts them again and again.

Society sucks.

The society today is for the junk.

I do not want society’s junk no more,yet I do want what I want.

Another thing I do not care what the Universe has planned for me

or plans to bring into my life,yet I do not trust it at all.

I trust God,yet the a Universe,not once.

In fact if I went to heaven someday and Brie Larson was not there

I would ask to leave and let me go somewhere else where I can mourn.

I do not like Caitlin Crosby at all,I never did.

If I’m not mistaken we got into a dispute online and I deleted her off of my myspace friends list

and I never looked back,I really didn’t because it was like a breath of fresh air to me.

I am done with being so nice,it don’t get me with her,yet it makes y’all so damn happy.

Still I’m not f*****g happy.God damn whatever is between us and holding me back from forming a band.

God damn those things,plum tired of it.


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